Pregnancy Update

I’ll self admit that I’ve been terrible at tracking this pregnancy with pictures and so forth. Half the time when I’m asked by people how far along I am, I have no clue! Everything is going well with Baby Boy. We currently have 6 more weeks until his due date, it’s crazy how fast time is flying!

We’re still working on preparing for his arrival getting his room ready and a new big girl room for Addy. Addy  understands that there is a baby, she’ll point to my belly and say, “Baby Bubba”, she has let us know that when he arrives he’ll be coming through the front door(Very True!), and she really is enjoying all the baby toys I’ve pulled out. She taking a “Big Sister” class at the hospital on December 15th, fingers crossed he hasn’t arrived yet!

He still doesn’t have a name, so if you have suggestions comment below!

Here are the belly pics! I’m way bigger than with Addy, the doctors tell me I’m carrying a rather large baby(lovely), and he sits way lower than Addy did(hello, potty breaks ALL THE TIME!)

13 Weeks

13  Weeks-1

13  Weeks-2

24 Weeks

24  Weeks-1

24  Weeks-2


32 Weeks

32  Weeks-1

34 Weeks

34 Weeks-1

34 Weeks-2


Halloween Fun

We celebrated Halloween all month long around our house. Addy loved everything pumpkin and Halloween related. This month we did new crafts, visited a pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins enjoyed fall treats and went trick or treating. All and all it was a fun month of celebrations! Enjoy the picture share!

Pumpkin Painting Round 1

Pumpking Painting 2-1

Carmel and Apple Snacks

Pumpking Painting 2-2

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch(Not Like in the Midwest!!)

Pumpkin Patch-1

We said we’d only buy what she could carry! 🙂

Pumpkin Patch-2

Found One!

Pumpkin Patch-4


Pumpkin Patch-6


Pumpkin Patch-7


Pumpkin Patch-8

One Happy Girl! 

Pumpkin Patch-9

Pumpkin Painting Round 2!

Pumpkin Painting-3

Pumpkin Painting-2

Pumpkin Painting-1

Making a Googley Eyed Pumpkin!

Googley Eyes-3

Googley Eyes-2

Googley Eyes-1

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving-1

Scooping Out the Seeds

Pumpkin Carving-2

Snack Time, Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin Carving-3

Our little Bumble Bee loved Trick or Treating. She would buzz(run) from house to house. Addy trick or treated with one of her friends and they had so much fun! Grandma made her dress and trick or treat bag which were adorable!


We could barely keep up!




Her loot!









Our Hawaiian Adventure

This is a throwback picture share to February when vacationed in Hawaii with Taylor’s parents and brother. We had a great house rented on the beach of Kailua with the sand right out the back gate. Addy loved it!

Hanging with Grandma


Walking to the Beach





Farmer’s Market



Dole Plantation



Pineapple Perspectives




Dole Whip-Delish!


A Girl and her Pail


Grandpa get me water!


Learning to Surf



Valley of the Temples





Pearl Harbor




Exciting Updates!

My apologizes for severely slacking on the blog for the past 6 or so months. I’m hoping to get back into a swing of things and make blogging a more regular thing. My goal is two family blog posts at least a month, so stay tuned!


Lots has been going on that has kept me distracted and pulled away from sharing our adventures over the past year. Our first really exciting news is that we are expecting a new addition to our family this December! Baby Boy will be arriving around Christmas and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Once again I had terrible morning sickness which was not fun to deal with, but thankfully that has passed. My mom has been nagging(yes, you have mother) for belly shots like with Addy so I’ll hopefully be sharing some of those soon.

In other news, we moved three weeks ago. Taylor’s been put on a new project for the next 2.5-3 years in Beaumont, TX. We sold our previous home quickly and purchased a new one in Beaumont and are working on getting settled and organized before Baby Boy arrives. It’s been an adjustment, because the area is a bit different than our previous area and our house is a bit smaller, but were working on it. Thankfully, Taylor’s parents came to help during the move and our key leaving spaces are mostly unpacked. We even have a picture hung on the wall! It took 9 months in our previous house so we are way farther ahead in Taylor’s eyes! My goal is by Thanksgiving to be all set and comfortable in our new house.

Addy and I spent the summer traveling north to escape the Texas heat. I’ll share some of our activities in the upcoming weeks. Plus, Addy updates!


Thanks for reading!


Texas Adventures: Enchanted Rock

We had an exciting adventure this past weekend camping at Enchanted Rock. Addy absolutely loved it, she’s totally a nature girl. Uncle Ryan even came and camped with us!

Enchanted Rock is about an hour or so west of of Austin. Taylor took Friday off of work and we headed west. In total our drive was about 4.5 hours. The campground designed a bit differently than we were used to, but it was fun(and super busy!) We brought our stuff in to the our site by crossing a little creek and walking down a path.

Enchanted Rock-25-2

Enchanted Rock-23-2

After unpacking we played at the playground for a bit and explored another creek.

Enchanted Rock-2

Enchanted Rock-3

Enchanted Rock-5

Enchanted Rock-6

After playing Uncle Ryan made it to our camp site and we help him set up and then bought firewood and started our campfire.  Addy loved watching the fire.

Enchanted Rock-8

Enchanted Rock-9

Enchanted Rock-10

Enchanted Rock-11

Enchanted Rock-12

We had a very earlier riser on Saturday. Addy was a 4:30 AM alarm clock. We have no idea why she was up so early, but it was tough. The campground was super busy and loud the night before so we knew it may turn in to a rough day for the family. Taylor cooked us breakfast and we got ready for our morning hike.

Enchanted Rock-13

Enchanted Rock-14

We hiked up to the top of Enchanted Rock. We had borrowed a hiking pack for her and she loved riding in it! She actually napped for a short 10 minuted until we were back at our site. The poor thing was exhausted, but wanted to look and watch everything. By this time in our day it had gotten pretty warm out and she was not going to nap in the tent. We made a parental decision that we were going to head home later in the afternoon because Addy was on the verge of meltdown central since she was so tired. We ate lunch, packed everything up and did one last short hike before we left.

Enchanted Rock-18

Enchanted Rock-21

Enchanted Rock-22

Enchanted Rock-24

Enchanted Rock-25

Enchanted Rock-27

We had a great time on our short trip.  We can’t wait for our camping adventures this summer!

Here’s some last scenery pictures!

Enchanted Rock-26

Enchanted Rock-20

Enchanted Rock-17

Enchanted Rock-16

Enchanted Rock-15