House Project: Wine Rack

Over the last few weeks Taylor has worked on another house project, a wine rack. We were  in desperate need to get some wine storage that wouldn’t be in reach of a certain little one year old. He built extra storage in our pantry. Soon it will be filled as we start prepping for our Thanksgiving arrivals!

My help in this project consisted of standing on some wood, taking pictures, and a tad bit of painting.

These are the non technical terms for the steps in his project. He’d be more than happy to share his plans, just let us know!

First, Taylor cut all of the wood to size.
untitled-13 untitled-28 Addy got to go on wheel barrow rides during this process!untitled-35He then drilled some holes.
Wine Rack (2 of 11) He created a little box so all of the pieces would go together exactly the same. Wine Rack (1 of 11)Wine Rack (3 of 11) Wine Rack (4 of 11) Wine Rack (5 of 11) Wine Rack (6 of 11) Wine Rack (7 of 11) Wine Rack (8 of 11) He assembled the small bottle shelves to the big outer shell. Wine Rack (9 of 11) Wine Rack (10 of 11) We then primed, painted and installed. Wine Rack (11 of 11)Voila, our new wine rack that’s ready to hold 30 bottles!IMG_1694


House Project: Patio

We have completed our first major house project, a backyard patio! Woohoo! Many helping hands helped us in finishing this project and we love it! Katie and Andrew helped remove the sod when they were here for the weekend in September and Taylor’s dad helped us with a big chunk of the manual labor when he was here the following week and Grandma babysat Addy while I worked. Thanks for all of your help!

Here are the details and pictures of our project!

Taylor did all the planning and research and I did the ordering of products.

First, we tore out the sod. Thanks Katie and Andrew for your assistance! IMG_1329 IMG_1330

Then, the stone and gravel were delivered. IMG_1339

We then dug out the dirt. This was not an easy task. Taylor was working the majority of this task. It was me and his dad doing this part. untitled-44 untitled-38IMG_1342We had truck loads of “dirt”, it was more like clay!IMG_1344Our neighbors thought we were crazy!untitled-60untitled-59

untitled-70untitled-69 After the dirt was removed and everything was at the correct level. Taylor used the compactor to on the dirt. He then put down outdoor fabric, then gravel and compacted again. There was a lot of measuring involved here to make sure that it sloped correctly. We also moved the bricks from the driveway to the back. untitled-82 untitled-79 untitled-76 untitled-74untitled-68untitled-91

After the rock base came a sand base. I then got the process of laying the pavers down. untitled-99 untitled-95untitled-107untitled-2untitled-93untitled-12untitled-8IMG_1350You know you’re working hard when you wear a hole in your gloves!IMG_1351We had some angles on the patio that Taylor cut the pavers to fit correctly. untitled-34untitled-20untitled-18untitled-14

After all the pavers were laid the were compacted again, a layer of sand placed on them and compacted again. untitled-58 untitled-54Here’s a picture of the finished project! We still have landscaping to do, but we are waiting until the spring for that.

We love using our new patio! We eat lunch and dinner outside often and Addy loves to play outside. A big thanks to all of our helpers!