Exciting Updates!

My apologizes for severely slacking on the blog for the past 6 or so months. I’m hoping to get back into a swing of things and make blogging a more regular thing. My goal is two family blog posts at least a month, so stay tuned!


Lots has been going on that has kept me distracted and pulled away from sharing our adventures over the past year. Our first really exciting news is that we are expecting a new addition to our family this December! Baby Boy will be arriving around Christmas and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Once again I had terrible morning sickness which was not fun to deal with, but thankfully that has passed. My mom has been nagging(yes, you have mother) for belly shots like with Addy so I’ll hopefully be sharing some of those soon.

In other news, we moved three weeks ago. Taylor’s been put on a new project for the next 2.5-3 years in Beaumont, TX. We sold our previous home quickly and purchased a new one in Beaumont and are working on getting settled and organized before Baby Boy arrives. It’s been an adjustment, because the area is a bit different than our previous area and our house is a bit smaller, but were working on it. Thankfully, Taylor’s parents came to help during the move and our key leaving spaces are mostly unpacked. We even have a picture hung on the wall! It took 9 months in our previous house so we are way farther ahead in Taylor’s eyes! My goal is by Thanksgiving to be all set and comfortable in our new house.

Addy and I spent the summer traveling north to escape the Texas heat. I’ll share some of our activities in the upcoming weeks. Plus, Addy updates!


Thanks for reading!



Farewell Singapore

One adventure is coming to a close (we depart in 3 hours!) and our family is gearing up for our next adventures. It is time for us to say farewell, Singapore! SgMove-1

I read this quote a while back and it totally sums up our experience the last 20 months.

“To live outside’s one country is to experience an adventure of a lifetime, it may not be apparent from looking at us, but we return home forever changed.”- Unknown


We are extremely grateful for the experiences that we have had living abroad. We have have learned so much about ourselves, other cultures and people, we understand that it’s ok to find your self in uncomfortable experiences and situations, we enjoyed the endless travel opportunities, we’ve enjoyed trying new foods, exploring with our visitors and are appreciative the ease of life and living back home.  Singapore and living so far away from family and friends has been a life changing experience that we will forever be grateful for. We hope to one day be able to return to Singapore and are eager for any other opportunities to live overseas.  Plus, we return back to the States with the best souvenir from our time in Singapore, Addy!

It’s been a hectic and tiring week in Singapore for our family. The movers arrived on Monday and started packing our things and our load was packed into a sea container Wednesday. It’s amazing how quickly your life can be boxed up and fit into one 40 ft. container. We will hopefully be reunited with our belongings in 8 short weeks. We are also living in a hotel, which is not always the easiest thing with a baby, but Addy is being as flexible as any nearly 5 month old can be.

This little cutie loved playing with the boxes!SgMove-1-2SgMove-2 SgMove-3 SgMove-4 SgMove-5

We fly out in the early morning hours Saturday and will arrive late morning in Chicago for some much needed family time. We are excited to be landing in the same time zone or nearly the same time zone as most of our family and friends. We will  be in Indiana visiting our families for about two weeks. Addy is excited to be meeting all of her family and friends!

After our visit in Indiana we will be heading to Houston to start our next adventure. We will be in temporary housing for a bit while we wait to close on our house. I’m putting myself on a blog vacation for a few weeks while we get over the jet lag and spend time with our families. I’ll still be taking pictures and will continue post on our Indiana adventures once we are settled in Texas.

So for now, we say farewell Singapore(we hope to visit again) and Howdy, Texas with a short stop in the Hoosier state in between!

Here are some other pictures from the week!

Toys were a bit sparse this week so we found body parts to play with instead. FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (3)Addy can’t wait to see the fort Daddy can build with all these boxes!FullSizeRender (4)Our Hotel!FullSizeRender (5)
Wrestling with the bed pillows!FullSizeRender (2)

Ready, Set, Go….We’re on the Move!

Addy’s packing her bags!Move-1

We are packing our bags and headed to Texas! Our family will be leaving Singapore on February 28th to head back to North America. We will be back in Indiana for a brief visit with family and friends before we make Houston our new home.

We actually had a last minute trip that we’ve not really mentioned about. We’ve been back in the US for the last two weeks and head back to Singapore tomorrow.Taylor needed to work in Fairfax and Addy and I followed along then headed to Houston to house hunt. I’ll share more about in a later post.

In the next few weeks we will be wrapping things up in Singapore and getting ready for our next adventure as a family. I have lots more to share about our adventures in Singapore,  but things may get a little busy and blogging may need to take a short break. I’ll try my best with updates, but I can’t make any guarantees!

We’re Off!

Two Sundays ago we started our next adventure and took off to live in Singapore. We had a long day of travel ahead of us. Taylor’s dad had traveled to DC to pick up Taylor’s car and say a final good bye. We were glad to have a send off and his help to take our luggage to the airport. Unfortunately, the rental car we had(a mustang convertible!) would not fit all of our bags.

All of our bags for the flight! Each checked bag topped out between 55-70 pounds!

All of our bags for the flight! Each checked bag topped out between 55-70 pounds!

Our first flight took off at 12:30 to take us to Tokyo. The flight was about 13 hours long. Taylor, having traveled to Asia before, knew what this long flight was like, but this was by far the farthest and longest I had ever flown. Thank goodness for business class! We had lay flat seats which kept us much more comfortable. Unfortunately, in our upcoming trips home we will not have the luxury of business class. Boo! On this flight I watched about 4 movies, a few TV shows and only slept for a bit.

Champagne for take off!

Champagne for take off!

In Tokyo we had a two hour layover that went pretty fast. The flight from Tokyo to Singapore was about 7 hours. By this time we were both exhausted. I watched one movie, we ate dinner, and we slept the rest of the flight. We arrived safely in Singapore around 1 AM we breezed through immigration and customs, grabbed our bags and went directly to the furnished apartment we will staying in until our sea shipment arrives with our belongings.

We arrived!

We arrived!

Two Hectic Weeks!

Before our big move we had two hectic weeks! Our lives consisted of sorting our apartment into categories(storage, sea shipment, air shipment, packing on the plane, and good will),stocking up on essentials to add to the sea shipment, selling cars(Yes, the shitty Chevy Mailbu was sold, I can’t believe some actually bought it!) and saying good byes. Our last week was spent in a hotel living out of suit cases as the movers came  Monday and Tuesday and we did not fly out until Sunday.

Here is some of what our life looked like.

Friday night of Memorial day weekend we had box seats at the Washington Nationals Game.

Our View

Our View

The rest of the weekend consisted of sorting. There are no pictures of this, because our place was an utter disaster!

We had a large Costco trip. We stocked up on toilet paper, paper towels, ziplocs, other kitchen stuff, medicines, shampoos, and other toiletries. Here is what our cart looked liked.

Costco Cart-filled to the brim!

Costco Cart-filled to the brim!

As a treat and fare well to DC we purchased a white chocolate capital building. Walking around Costco with that brought about conversation with others in the store!

Taylor, cutting into the chocolate Capital

Taylor, cutting into the chocolate Capital

The next weekend we flew home to Indiana for a wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and a great time to catch up one last time with our friends from Purdue. We spent some quality time at Harry’s, of course.  On Sunday, we had a big lunch at with both sides of our families at Lafayette Brewing Company as a good bye lunch.

The Purdue Gang

The Purdue Gang

IMG_1010The movers came and packed us up on Monday and Tuesday. We stayed in a hotel in our neighborhood the remainder of the week. We ate at some of our favorite restaurants, I finished out teaching for the school year, and Taylor wrapped up his final work.

photo (15)photo (11)