Happy New Year!

A few days late, but Happy New Year from our family to yours! I thought I’d share our most recent family photos that we took between Christmas and New Years.

Bowditch Family-19

Bowditch Family-23

Bowditch Family-18

Bowditch Family-13


Bowditch Family-11

Bowditch Family-7

Bowditch Family-4

Bowditch Family-1



We had an exciting end to 2016 and are looking forward to slowing down in 2017. Looking back at my personal goals for 2016 I met some of them and some of them are getting added to the 2017 goal list.

Here was my list from 2016…

  • Read 3 Books(I’ve managed to read one in the last 15 months) SUCCESS!!
  • Hang pictures on our walls SUCCESS! (Even on our new house!)
  • Work at becoming fitter. I’ve gotten back into crossfit, but I need to put more motivation and effort into it. SUCCESS, even while pregnant! 
  • Make my 2014 and 2015 family album books. Adding it to 2017!
  • Start my own photography business. Hopefully I’ll have more on this soon! Success, but I now I need to re-vamp because we’ve moved. 

2017 Goals-

  • Continue with my fitness and wellness journey.
  • Print personal pictures to hang around the house.
  • Make family photo albums.

Our Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

We enjoyed a quiet day celebrating just the three of us which was much different than the house full of family we had last year. Of course, we cooked way too much food, but it was all delicious.

Addy helped with some Thanksgiving prep and cooking. She loved watching the Macy’s parade and of course eating pumpkin pie!

Making Cranberries






She’s a great pie crust helper!




Way too much food! We had biscuits, cranberries, broccoli, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and a turkey that we smoked on our new smoker.



Someone could not wait to dig in!









Halloween Fun

We celebrated Halloween all month long around our house. Addy loved everything pumpkin and Halloween related. This month we did new crafts, visited a pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins enjoyed fall treats and went trick or treating. All and all it was a fun month of celebrations! Enjoy the picture share!

Pumpkin Painting Round 1

Pumpking Painting 2-1

Carmel and Apple Snacks

Pumpking Painting 2-2

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch(Not Like in the Midwest!!)

Pumpkin Patch-1

We said we’d only buy what she could carry! 🙂

Pumpkin Patch-2

Found One!

Pumpkin Patch-4


Pumpkin Patch-6


Pumpkin Patch-7


Pumpkin Patch-8

One Happy Girl! 

Pumpkin Patch-9

Pumpkin Painting Round 2!

Pumpkin Painting-3

Pumpkin Painting-2

Pumpkin Painting-1

Making a Googley Eyed Pumpkin!

Googley Eyes-3

Googley Eyes-2

Googley Eyes-1

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving-1

Scooping Out the Seeds

Pumpkin Carving-2

Snack Time, Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin Carving-3

Our little Bumble Bee loved Trick or Treating. She would buzz(run) from house to house. Addy trick or treated with one of her friends and they had so much fun! Grandma made her dress and trick or treat bag which were adorable!


We could barely keep up!




Her loot!









An Eggcellent Easter!

Last Sunday we enjoyed celebrating Easter around the house with special visitors! Nana and Uncle Dave arrived last Friday, plus, Uncle Ryan(who just moved to Houston) and Erin(and Sadie the dog) came over for dinner.

Addy woke up one lucky girl as the Easter bunny left her way too much! She was thrilled! She loved her bubbles, books, stickers, coloring supplies, new hat and t-shirts.





After breakfast we headed outdoors to color some eggs. While timid at first, Addy quickly became engrossed in the process and was all about it. She liked telling us when the eggs need to be rotated and she even did it some times!








Later in the day, she had a pool day in the backyard with Nana. She wished Nana would have sat in the water with her, but she loved playing non the less.



In the evening, we enjoyed a great dinner of ham, turkey, broccoli, carrots, cheesy potatoes, salad and Aunt Lucy bread. We had a lamb cake, ice cream and lemon bars for dessert.



Before dark, the Easter bunny hid some eggs in our backyard. Addy was not sure of the whole thing until she realized their was candy inside the eggs, she was all about it then! All the grandparents got to participate in the hunt as Nana followed her facetimeing with Grumpy and Taylor with his parents.







Playing with Uncle Ryan and Sadie


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from our little love!



I’m still in the process of figuring out the direction I want to go with fixing my blogging issue. It’s looking like I’m going to spend some money and I’m debating switching where I host my blog. Bear with me, I promise we’ll be back to normal hopefully soon! I’ve got so many pictures to share!

Some exciting news, I’ve officially launched my own photography business!  It’s taken a big chunk of my time getting off the ground, but I’m looking at getting back to our weekly family updates! You can check out my website at http://www.mrsbphotogaphy.com!