Welcome to the Family: Matthew James


Matthew Birth-38

On December 12th, 2016 at 9:24 AM we welcomed Matthew James to our family. Addy calls him “Bubba”, we’ll see if it sticks. He’s named after Taylor and his brother. Matthew is Taylor’s brothers middle name and James is his middle name.  He arrived 2 weeks early and in all honesty we were not prepared for his arrival yet! Oops! He weighed a healthy 8 pounds 6 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. From going into labor, the actual delivery and the hospital setting his arrival and birth were completely different experiences than the birth of our daughter Addy.

For a few days prior to his arrival I had been having weird pregnancy dreams and just felt blah, but went along with our normal activities. On Sunday evening, I sat down to paint my toe nails and felt like I had peed my pants when actually my water broke. It took me a bit of time to realize that I just didn’t have a little “accident” because I was in denial that he was coming two weeks early(especially since I was preparing for him to be over due like his sister.)

Sunday Morning Before my Water Broke

Matthew Birth-1

Our initial thoughts went to what are we going to do with Addy. My parents were planning on being here the following week, but not this early! My parents quickly got a phone call that they needed to head south sooner and thankfully, Taylor’s brother Ryan moved last spring to Houston and was an hour and a half a way to help. He headed our direction, we packed bags for the hospital, and one of our friends here helped watched Addy until Uncle Ryan arrived. Uncle Ryan stayed two nights with Addy and my parents drove down to Texas in one day from Chicago to help out. We love our family and friends!

I labored through the night again(ugh, it’s rough!) and Matthew arrived Monday morning. The labor was physically very different than Addy and my epidural did not fully work, but I surprisingly felt way better afterwards than with Addy.

Working on Christmas Photos

Matthew Birth-2

Post Epidural

Matthew Birth-3

Matthew Birth-4

Matthew Birth-5

Matthew Birth-6

Matthew Birth-7

Matthew Birth-9


Addy and Uncle Ryan came for a visit later that afternoon. Addy loves being a big sister!

Meeting her Brother for the first time

Matthew Birth-11

Matthew Birth-12

Matthew Birth-13

Matthew Birth-15

On Tuesday, my parents came and met Matthew. We decided that we were tired of being interrupted and ready to get home so checked ourselves out of the hospital early!

Meeting Nana

Matthew Birth-35

Nana and Grumpy

Matthew Birth-36


Matthew Birth-41

Matthew Birth-45

Matthew Birth-46

Going Home!

Matthew Birth-48



We’re enjoying being a family of four and adjusting to a lack of sleep! 🙂 Nana and Grumpy have been helping out a lot around the house and entertaining Addy. Sorry for not updating the blog lately, but the month of December was crazy! Addy and I participated in our 25 days of Christmas that I had all intentions of sharing weekly, but it looks like it will be an all in one post of our fun in the next few weeks! Plus, I have Addy’s two year pictures to share, Matthew’s newborn photos, and our recent family photos so stay tuned(and be patient!)



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