Pregnancy Update

I’ll self admit that I’ve been terrible at tracking this pregnancy with pictures and so forth. Half the time when I’m asked by people how far along I am, I have no clue! Everything is going well with Baby Boy. We currently have 6 more weeks until his due date, it’s crazy how fast time is flying!

We’re still working on preparing for his arrival getting his room ready and a new big girl room for Addy. Addy ¬†understands that there is a baby, she’ll point to my belly and say, “Baby Bubba”, she has let us know that when he arrives he’ll be coming through the front door(Very True!), and she really is enjoying all the baby toys I’ve pulled out. She taking a “Big Sister” class at the hospital on December 15th, fingers crossed he hasn’t arrived yet!

He still doesn’t have a name, so if you have suggestions comment below!

Here are the belly pics! I’m way bigger than with Addy, the doctors tell me I’m carrying a rather large baby(lovely), and he sits way lower than Addy did(hello, potty breaks ALL THE TIME!)

13 Weeks

13  Weeks-1

13  Weeks-2

24 Weeks

24  Weeks-1

24  Weeks-2


32 Weeks

32  Weeks-1

34 Weeks

34 Weeks-1

34 Weeks-2


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update

  1. Mary- you look wonderful! How very exciting that you’re having a baby brother for Addy! Let me know when you go home to your parents- would love to see you all. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! Gail

    P.S. Addy is gorgeous!


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