Our Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

We enjoyed a quiet day celebrating just the three of us which was much different than the house full of family we had last year. Of course, we cooked way too much food, but it was all delicious.

Addy helped with some Thanksgiving prep and cooking. She loved watching the Macy’s parade and of course eating pumpkin pie!

Making Cranberries






She’s a great pie crust helper!




Way too much food! We had biscuits, cranberries, broccoli, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and a turkey that we smoked on our new smoker.



Someone could not wait to dig in!










Adventures on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

This past July, we celebrated my Uncle’s 50th Birthday with a trip to Kentucky visiting distilleries, camping and spending a day on the lake. While I was unable to partake in the drinking aspect of the outing, it was still fun seeing the distilleries and learning about the Bourbon Trail. Addy also loved it, especially if the tasting involved chocolate!

We visited Heaven Hill, Woodford Reserve and Buffalo Trace. Others in the group visited some other distilleries, but Addy was cutting her 2 year molars so wasn’t the most cooperative. My favorite by far was Buffalo Trace. Our cousin works there and we got to see some behind the scenes action and extra touring of the area.


Part of Our Group


It was a lot of work taking care of all these adults…snack time!


Guess the only part Mommy and Addy got to try!



Addy and her Great Uncle, the Birthday Boy at Buffalo Trace








Root Beer Tasting


A Family Favorite





Next post I’ll share more about our lake day!








Pregnancy Update

I’ll self admit that I’ve been terrible at tracking this pregnancy with pictures and so forth. Half the time when I’m asked by people how far along I am, I have no clue! Everything is going well with Baby Boy. We currently have 6 more weeks until his due date, it’s crazy how fast time is flying!

We’re still working on preparing for his arrival getting his room ready and a new big girl room for Addy. Addy  understands that there is a baby, she’ll point to my belly and say, “Baby Bubba”, she has let us know that when he arrives he’ll be coming through the front door(Very True!), and she really is enjoying all the baby toys I’ve pulled out. She taking a “Big Sister” class at the hospital on December 15th, fingers crossed he hasn’t arrived yet!

He still doesn’t have a name, so if you have suggestions comment below!

Here are the belly pics! I’m way bigger than with Addy, the doctors tell me I’m carrying a rather large baby(lovely), and he sits way lower than Addy did(hello, potty breaks ALL THE TIME!)

13 Weeks

13  Weeks-1

13  Weeks-2

24 Weeks

24  Weeks-1

24  Weeks-2


32 Weeks

32  Weeks-1

34 Weeks

34 Weeks-1

34 Weeks-2

Halloween Fun

We celebrated Halloween all month long around our house. Addy loved everything pumpkin and Halloween related. This month we did new crafts, visited a pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins enjoyed fall treats and went trick or treating. All and all it was a fun month of celebrations! Enjoy the picture share!

Pumpkin Painting Round 1

Pumpking Painting 2-1

Carmel and Apple Snacks

Pumpking Painting 2-2

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch(Not Like in the Midwest!!)

Pumpkin Patch-1

We said we’d only buy what she could carry! 🙂

Pumpkin Patch-2

Found One!

Pumpkin Patch-4


Pumpkin Patch-6


Pumpkin Patch-7


Pumpkin Patch-8

One Happy Girl! 

Pumpkin Patch-9

Pumpkin Painting Round 2!

Pumpkin Painting-3

Pumpkin Painting-2

Pumpkin Painting-1

Making a Googley Eyed Pumpkin!

Googley Eyes-3

Googley Eyes-2

Googley Eyes-1

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving-1

Scooping Out the Seeds

Pumpkin Carving-2

Snack Time, Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin Carving-3

Our little Bumble Bee loved Trick or Treating. She would buzz(run) from house to house. Addy trick or treated with one of her friends and they had so much fun! Grandma made her dress and trick or treat bag which were adorable!


We could barely keep up!




Her loot!