Exciting Updates!

My apologizes for severely slacking on the blog for the past 6 or so months. I’m hoping to get back into a swing of things and make blogging a more regular thing. My goal is two family blog posts at least a month, so stay tuned!


Lots has been going on that has kept me distracted and pulled away from sharing our adventures over the past year. Our first really exciting news is that we are expecting a new addition to our family this December! Baby Boy will be arriving around Christmas and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Once again I had terrible morning sickness which was not fun to deal with, but thankfully that has passed. My mom has been nagging(yes, you have mother) for belly shots like with Addy so I’ll hopefully be sharing some of those soon.

In other news, we moved three weeks ago. Taylor’s been put on a new project for the next 2.5-3 years in Beaumont, TX. We sold our previous home quickly and purchased a new one in Beaumont and are working on getting settled and organized before Baby Boy arrives. It’s been an adjustment, because the area is a bit different than our previous area and our house is a bit smaller, but were working on it. Thankfully, Taylor’s parents came to help during the move and our key leaving spaces are mostly unpacked. We even have a picture hung on the wall! It took 9 months in our previous house so we are way farther ahead in Taylor’s eyes! My goal is by Thanksgiving to be all set and comfortable in our new house.

Addy and I spent the summer traveling north to escape the Texas heat. I’ll share some of our activities in the upcoming weeks. Plus, Addy updates!


Thanks for reading!



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