Texas Adventures: Galveston Beach

A few weeks back when we had visitors we headed to Stewart Beach in Galveston for the day. We had a perfect sunny day at the beach and only had a bit of a hick-up on our return trip home(a flat tire!)

Addy loved playing in the sand, she quickly put Nana and Uncle Dave to work. The boys loved playing in ocean waves and entertaining Addy in the sand.











After packing up on the beach we were going to head to the historic district to get some ice cream, but returned to a completely flat tire on my Dad’s truck. After not being able to release the spare tire from under the truck, no one wanting to help us because we were on sand, an unrepairable tire,  and no tires available on the island in the size we needed we eventually able to get the truck off the sand by Phil’s smart thinking of putting air back into the tire, putting it back on and hopefully lasting until we could get out of the beach parking lot and on to a real road. After only 3-4 hour delay we were back home, but sans our ice cream treats!


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