Addy: 18 Months

It’s hard to believe that our sweet Adelaide turned 18 months this past week. Time is sure flying!

She is always on the go and loves exploring indoors and outside. Addy loves any activities that involve water.  “Cooking” with water in the kitchen, playing in the yard with her kiddie pool, and bath time are some favorite water activities, she’s going to love when our neighborhood pool and splash pad open! Now that the weather is warmer she loves playing outdoors. She plays with bubbles, takes her baby for a walk, checks on the garden and plays with her balls.  Addy still loves gymnastics class and now can do a forward roll by herself(which she does all around the house!) and is on the verge of jumping on her own.

She has developed a very friendly and loving personality, always smiling and waving to others. She loves to give hugs and kisses. At the grocery store she tries waving at everyone and loves getting waves and smiles back. She’s a charmer!

Addy is still working on talking. She says a small handful of words and babbles all day long, but I can only understand a few words. I’m sure shortly she’ll be talking nonstop.

Last week, Addy, my mom, Uncle Dave and I headed to Fredericksburg, TX to visit and aunt for an adventure. While traveling home I spotted the perfect place for Addy’s 18 month photos, a Bluebonnet field! Bluebonnet’s are the Texas state flower, which also helped mark our first year in the state! I hope you enjoy!






She loved taking time to smell the flowers!




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