Our Little Gymnast

In October,  Addy started participating in a parent/child gymnastics class once a week. She loves it! She goes to World Champions Centre which is easy for us to get to and brand new. Simone Biles'(a three time world champion and future olympian) family owns the facility. If you have no idea who she is you should google her and watch some U Tube videos, she’s pretty amazing!

We had to do a make-up class on a Saturday in November so Taylor joined us as the photographer. Addy was with much older kids than her usual group so I was the only parent helping. It’s crazy looking back on these pictures how much bigger she is and how much her motor development has developed!GymnasticsNov-1 GymnasticsNov-2 GymnasticsNov-3 GymnasticsNov-4 GymnasticsNov-5 GymnasticsNov-6 GymnasticsNov-7 GymnasticsNov-8 GymnasticsNov-9 GymnasticsNov-10 GymnasticsNov-11 GymnasticsNov-12 GymnasticsNov-13 GymnasticsNov-14 GymnasticsNov-15


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