Christmas Day and Eve

We had a fantastic Christmas! We celebrated Christmas Day 3 different times plus our normal Christmas Eve. We loved being able to have all this time with our family after not being home the last two years. Here’s our recap and overshare of pictures!

Christmas Eve was spent at my parents house with our family friends. My parents switched up the typical meal and my Dad smoked some ribs and turkey. I’m demanding it to be the new tradition. The turkey was phenomenal!

Look at that beauty!Christmas-1Christmas-3 Christmas-4

Our family friends have a new puppy, June who they brought with for us to meet. Addy loved her!  She was a cutie and we can’t wait to play with her again!Christmas-6

Christmas-7 Christmas-8 Christmas-5
Christmas-2We Opened PresentsChristmas-9
Found Christmas Pajamas Under the TreeChristmas-10And Left Wine(a tradition we started last year) and Cookies for SantaChristmas-11

On Christmas Day Addy slept in until  just after 7. Santa visited at some point in the night. Most of those presents were for one little girl. Christmas was an all day affair. She started her stocking when she woke up at 7 and we opened the last gift around 3. Addy played with everything and was not that interested in the unopened gifts! She clearly doesn’t take after me on Christmas day!

Christmas-13I think she was nervous about the presents!Christmas-15Christmas-16Uncle Dave greeted us with the best Christmas pajamas ever. Addy thought it was hilarious and laughed at him. Great Uncle of the Year Award goes to him!Christmas-17Christmas-18Christmas-19Christmas-20We opened her stocking. It was bigger than her. She got bath toys and bubbles, some chocolate, tooth brush and an ornament. Christmas-21Bigger than her!Christmas-22Addy is obsessed with dogs! How appropriate that she got a Texas themed dog ornament. She kept wanting to play with it, but it was glass so we just looked at it with our eyes.
Christmas-28Candy Cane as an after breakfast treat. Christmas-29Playing with Baby in her new stroller. Christmas-30Doctor KitChristmas-31Christmas-32She loved her new water bottle!Christmas-33A cell phoneChristmas-34Musical Toys
Christmas-37It’s tradition to watch The Christmas Story. 
Christmas-35Our PJ Picture 
Christmas-38Fishing ToysChristmas-39Christmas-43ElmoChristmas-44Christmas-42Christmas-41

The next day we headed to Lafayette to celebrate Christmas with Taylor’s family. His aunt and cousins were arrived later in the evening from New York. We loved getting to see everyone! We did miss Uncle Ryan, but luckly we got to see him when we returned to Texas for a day!

Grandma and Grandpa’s TreeChristmas-45 Christmas-47 Christmas-48She wanted Grandpa’s M &M’s
Christmas-49 Christmas-50 Christmas-51 Christmas-52 Christmas-53 Christmas-54Christmas-61Addy was obsessed about Grandma and Grandpa’s pantry doors. These doors provided plenty of entertainment during our stay!Christmas-58 Christmas-59 Christmas-60

When we got back to Texas we finished our Christmas celebration with our family.

I made Addy a new blanket and pillow and a matching one for her baby. Christmas at Home-1 She got a tunnel and tent. Christmas at Home-7 Christmas at Home-6 Christmas at Home-5A Purdue Football and BasketballChristmas at Home-4 Christmas at Home-3 Christmas at Home-2

 Our home has turned into a toy tornando, but Addy hasn’t been bored since we arrived home with all of these new toys!


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