25 Days of Christmas: Part 3

This week has totally gotten away from me! Sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner! Here’s the last activities of our 25 days of Christmas. I’ve got a ton of Christmas Eve and Day and Christmas in Lafayette to get uploaded to the computer, hopefully I’ll have those posted soon!

Day 17: Travel

Addy and I packed our bags and headed north to start our next adventures. She was a great flyer! At home, she enjoyed Nana’s Christmas tree, Grumpy’s outdoor decorations and dinner at El Taco Real.

Watching the PlanesIMG_2084Checking out Grumpy’s YardIMG_2090Nana’s Tree- Deocrated with Trolls, Pez Dispensers, Cookie Cutters and Homemade OrnamentsIMG_2099 DinnerIMG_2094

Day 18: McCord’s Candy Canes

On Friday, Addy, Uncle Dave and I headed out of town for the weekend to visit family in Indy. We stopped in Lafayette for lunch with Taylor’s parents and made a stop at McCord’s Candies for homemade Candy Canes. They were delish!Christmas-25Days-1

Day 19: Indiana State Museum

Aunt Katie and Uncle Andrew planned an exciting afternoon. We visited the Indiana State Museum which had 50 holiday trees on display. We really enjoyed our visit. The trees were awesome and the rest of the museums exhibits were pretty neat too. I totally recommend a visit!

Our family loves this movie and this greeted us at the door!Christmas-25Days-3I don’t know who was more excited!
Christmas-25Days-4Christmas-25Days-5 The Wine TreeChristmas-25Days-6 Christmas-25Days-7 Christmas-25Days-8 Christmas-25Days-9 Christmas-25Days-10 They had a bunch of crafts and projects that kids could do. Christmas-25Days-12 Christmas-25Days-11 Christmas-25Days-13 Christmas-25Days-14 Christmas-25Days-15 Christmas-25Days-16

After the museum we headed to a German Christmas market. Addy thought it was hilarious that we had her all bundled up. It was actually pretty chilly,but she was handling it pretty well! The market was a tad bit of a bust, but I’m glad we tried it out. Christmas-25Days-17 Christmas-25Days-18 Christmas-25Days-19 Christmas-25Days-20 Christmas-25Days-21

Day 20: Indianapolis Children’s Museum

On Sunday, we headed to the Children’s museum in Indianapolis after a delicious breakfast. We met with some other cousin and had an amazing time! It was decorated for the winter holidays and had some special holiday activities. Addy loved every minute of it!Christmas-25Days-23 Christmas-25Days-25 Christmas-25Days-26 Christmas-25Days-27 Playing with CoralChristmas-25Days-28 Christmas-25Days-29 Loved Buttons!Christmas-25Days-30 Christmas-25Days-31 TrainsChristmas-25Days-32 Christmas-25Days-33 Looking at FossilsChristmas-25Days-34 Christmas-25Days-35 Christmas-25Days-36 Winter WonderlandChristmas-25Days-37 On the CarouselChristmas-25Days-39 Playing with WaterChristmas-25Days-40 Christmas-25Days-41 Christmas-25Days-42 Christmas-25Days-43 FishingChristmas-25Days-51 Ninja Turtles! (Talk about a Throwback!)Christmas-25Days-50 Christmas-25Days-49Playing with Music
Christmas-25Days-48 Christmas-25Days-47 Exploring Christmas-25Days-46 Christmas-25Days-45 Christmas-25Days-44

Day 21: A Christmas Story Exhibit and Baking

The Lake County(Indiana) visitors center has A Christmas Story display each season. It’s super fun to go check it out!

ColoringChristmas-25Days-53 El Taco Real Christmas TreeChristmas-25Days-54 Christmas-25Days-55 She loved looking at the displaysChristmas-25Days-56 Christmas-25Days-57 Christmas-25Days-58 All the TreesChristmas-25Days-59The Leg Lamp!
Christmas-25Days-60 Christmas-25Days-61 Sugar Cookie and Kolachky cookiesChristmas-25Days-62 Christmas-25Days-63 Christmas-25Days-64 Nana’s HelperChristmas-25Days-67

Day 22: Downtown Chicago

We attempted a celebration for our Mom’s(Katie and I) 60th birthday downtown. It was a big bust. The highlight of the day was Addy’s enjoyment of the snowmen at Nordstroms. IMG_2128

Day 23: Aunt Lucy Bread

I forgot to take pictures, but it was tasty!


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