Happy 2016!

I can hardly believe that it is 2016 already! We had a whirlwind past year with moving back to the US, traveling and visiting our family and friends and watching our baby turn into a toddler. We are hopeful that 2016 will be as adventurous, but at a much slower pace!

I thought I’d share some of my personal goals for 2016 and then some of my favorite photos from the past year.


  • Read 3 Books(I’ve managed to read one in the last 15 months)
  • Hang pictures on our walls
  • Work at becoming fitter. I’ve gotten back into crossfit, but I need to put more motivation and effort into it.
  • Make my 2014 and 2015 family album books.
  • Start my own photography business. Hopefully I’ll have more on this soon!

Here are some of my favorite photos from this last year in no particular order!Playdough-15Family-5Fall-83Addy1YearAddy1Year-293Addy1Year-117Addy1Year-135HiltonHead-124HiltonHead-122IMG_8877-3untitled-170-2IMG_0911IMG_0721IMG_0720IMG_0714IMG_0704IMG_0696ClickinHunt2015-4ClickinHunt2015-3ClickinHunt2015-2ClickinHunt2015-141DoorCounty-19Nantucket (58 of 108)Nantucket (55 of 108)Nantucket (35 of 144)Addy 9 Months-25Addy 9 Months-48Addy 8 Months-5House-55SgMove-1-2SgMove-3Addy 4 Month-22

I have our last few days of our Christmas countdown to share and our holiday celebrations with family. I’m hoping to get some time this weekend to catch up on our adventures!

Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Happy 2016!

  1. That Addy is sure a cutie – in all her expressions! But I really like the picture with the blue umbrella; it looks like something Betsy would paint! Happy New Year to you!!

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