25 Days of Christmas: Part 2

Our Christmas adventure continues! As always, a ton of pictures.

Day 9: Gingerbread Houses

On Wednesday, we had some of our neighbor friends over for Gingerbread houses. Everyone had fun and Addy loved it!

All of our Decorating GoodiesGingerbread -1 Gingerbread -2 Taste TestingGingerbread -3 She quickly realized things were edible and enjoyed herself. Gingerbread -6 Our Friends HousesGingerbread -18 Gingerbread -19 She smeared icing all over her head, it’s royal icing and as hard as a rock. Gingerbread -24 Gingerbread -25 Our Gingerbread HouseGingerbread -26 Gingerbread -27 Gingerbread -28 Gingerbread -29 Gingerbread -30 Gingerbread -31 Gingerbread -32

Day 10: Shopping/Play dough

Addy and I did some Christmas shopping and errands today. I also made peppermint play dough, but some one never got around to playing with it! No pictures today!

Day 11:Ornaments

Addy loved playing with her peppermint play dough! She did such a great job and only tried to eat it once. It smelled wonderful and was super easy to make. Here’s the recipe I used. Playdough-1 Playdough-2 Trying to eat it. Playdough-4 Playdough-5 Playdough-6 Playdough-8 Playdough-7 Playdough-10 Playdough-13 Playdough-12 Playdough-16 Playdough-15 Playdough-17 Playdough-20 Playdough-21

We aslo made salt dough ornaments. We decorated them later in the week. They are beautiful! 🙂Playdough-23We finished our Christmas ornaments a few days later. I was feeling pretty daring and it was gorgeous weather outside so I let her paint them. It was our first time using paint and she loved it! She used a brush mostly and only tried eating it once and did a great job staying put near the paint and not making a mess for me to clean up!Ornament-4 Ornament-5 Ornament-6 Ornament-7 Ornament-8We also enjoyed playing with some ornaments that I found at the Dollar Spot at Target. Ornament-1 Ornament-2 Ornament-3

Day 12: German Market

On Saturday we took an adventure to Tomball for their Christmas German Market. It was way bigger than I thought. Their were cute shopping vendors, beer, german and polish food, people dressed up, and music. It was great fun! We stayed for about 2 hours and left right before it started raining. Addy loved the potato and cheese pierogi that we shared for lunch, she would have made her name sake proud!

Only a smart part of the market. IMG_2010 Listening to MusicIMG_2012 Giant Pretzel-We only ate half of it!IMG_2013 IMG_2014 IMG_2017 We brought Apple Strudel HomeIMG_2021 Pierogi for lunch!IMG_2022 Yum!IMG_2024 IMG_2025

Day 13: Making Toffee

It’s not Christmas with out toffee. Making toffee is a tradition in my family on my Dad’s side. I remember my dad stirring the pot over the stove when I was little and now my mom has taken over the toffee making duty. I love the way that it smells as its cooking and of course it tastes delicious!  The smell of toffee is the smell of Christmas! Addy loved watching me stir!Toffee-1 Toffee-2 Toffee-4 Toffee-5 Toffee-6 Toffee-7

Day 14: Hot Coco

We made hot chocolate after Addy’s dinner. She loved getting her own cup and stirring it with the peppermint stick. She approved of the hot chocolate and was a tad bit upset when her drink was all gone.

Mom and Baby CupIMG_2043Loved Playing with the Peppermint Stick (Not Pictured…the huge mess she made!)IMG_2050 Sips!IMG_2054 She was not letting go of that cup!IMG_2064

Day 15: Lunch with Dad, Gifts to Neighbors, & Celebrating at Home

We met Taylor at work for lunch and looked at all the pretty Christmas decor. It was so nice out that we ate outside by the fountains and then looked at the cool trees. Later in the afternoon we delivered toffee to friends in the neighborhood. After dinner, Addy opened a few presents from us(clothes for colder weather!) and one from her aunt and uncle.

The tree in Taylor’s office building made out of lava stones.IMG_2072Gifts we passed outGIfts-1Opening Gifts at HomeGIfts-2 GIfts-10 GIfts-9That face!
GIfts-8 GIfts-7 Boiler Baby!GIfts-5 GIfts-4 Loves the feeling of fleece!GIfts-3 Her 1st set of crayonsGIfts-11Daddy taught her what to do!
GIfts-12 GIfts-13

Day 16: Christmas Movies

After I couldn’t get our DVD player going with some classic Christmas movies, we found the perfect movie for Addy, Santa Paws! She doesn’t get to watch tv except for ESPN and sports on the weekends with Dad so this was a treat. She loved that it was festive and their were dogs. It was pretty cute watching her. IMG_2081

Here’s an update to last weeks art project!


And I took a fun picture of our tree!GIfts-1-2 GIfts-2-2


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