25 Days of Christmas: Part One

It’s that time of year again, we’re celebrating the 25 days of Christmas in our family! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays of the year and I can already tell it’s also going to be one of Addy’s. She is in awe of all things Christmas, it’s adorable.  I love carrying out family traditions from when I was younger and creating new ones with our family. You can re-read about last years 25 Days of Christmas herehere, here, here, here. (Check out how little Addy was last year, holy cow!)

*Beware, these posts are very picture heavy! Most pictures are taken with my iphone!*

Day 1: Buy Christmas Tree

We picked the prettiest and biggest one we could find.IMG_1868 In awe at Lowe’sIMG_1871 This is what she was staring at. IMG_1872 The dog. She’s obsessed with dogs. IMG_1876 Grandpa and I took turns getting the tree ready to go in the stand. He did most of the hard part. IMG_1878 It’s so big!IMG_1880 IMG_1884

Day 2: Decorate the House

We spent most of the day decorating around the house. Addy loved helping with the trees. She has done a fabulous job being careful around them and we are very lucky. She helped hang some ornaments and loves looking at them. The ornaments are strategically places where all the glass and breakable ones are near the top and non breakables are towards the bottom. We have a small tree and wreath outside, a tree upstairs, a big tree downstairs, and decor throughout the house. Addy loves all the lots and gets upset when things aren’t shining bright all the time!

Outside DecorationsDecor-7Helping Decorate Our TreeDecoratingDay2-1DecoratingDay2-3DecoratingDay2-4DecoratingDay2-5DecoratingDay2-6DecoratingDay2-7DecoratingDay2-8DecoratingDay2-9DecoratingDay2-10Admiring her work!DecoratingDay2-11DecoratingDay2-12When Taylor came home from work he helped us put the star on. DecoratingDay2-13The Finished Tree!Decor-1A View from the top of our stairs. Decor-12Addy’s Upstairs Tree1-8Decor-11Our Fireplace1-13

The stocking that Grandma has been working on, it’s beautiful!1-15

When my Mom and I went shopping when she was here we spotted the following Christmas decoration and both immediately said Addy would love it. Nana made the purchase right then and there. Needless to say, its a hit! Addy walks down every morning and demands the lights to be turned on and pets it. It’s hilarious.

Addy’s Favorite Decoration!

Day 3: Craft Projects

We started our craft project, but it’s still a work in progress. I had a major mom fail and have forgotten some buy some of the paint colors that are needed to finish the project!

Our project involves green feet!IMG_1946IMG_1943

Day 4: Peanut Blossom Cookies and Party

On Friday, Addy and I made Peanut Blossom cookies. These are one of Taylor’s favorite cookies and Addy loved them too. She helped make this by scooping and dumping the flour and sugar. Watching the mixer and taste testing are high on her list too! Later in the evening Taylor had his work holiday party. We both enjoyed an evening out while Grandma and Grandpa babysat.

My Little HelperIMG_1924 Helping!IMG_1926 Finished ProductIMG_1927 All Fancy!IMG_1928

Day 5: Family Pictures and Party

We took our family pictures for our Christmas card. Here’s a sneak peak! We also attended our neighborhood party and had our first meeting with Santa for this holiday season. Addy was not a fan, but she has a pretty classic picture!IMG_1933FullSizeRender 6 Family-1Family-2Family-3Family-4Family-5Family-6Family-7Family-8Family-9Family-10

Day 6: Christmas Lights

Addy and I went on a Christmas light walk around the neighborhood. She loves lights!

Looking Down Our StreetIMG_1942 2 IMG_1941 2

Day 7: Children’s Museum Party

We went on an adventure downtown to the Children’s museum. Addy was given a membership for her birthday and they hosted a special holiday party tonight. This museum is amazing and this event was wonderful! She met Santa, made a gingerbread man, did some crafts, danced, ate, and explored.

Outside the Museum IMG_1953 Coloring-AKA throwing crayons aroundIMG_1957Mesmerized…
IMG_1958 …by this dancing and singing tree. IMG_1959 IMG_1960 Eating her Gingerbread ManIMG_1961 DecoratingIMG_1962 IMG_1967 ExploringIMG_1968 Learning about KwanzaIMG_1970 IMG_1971 Playing in WaterIMG_1973 IMG_1975

Day 8: Christmas Stories

We had a special package by the tree today. Addy loved opening new Christmas stories! Family-6 Family-5 Family-4 Family-3 Family-2 Family-1Taylor read them to Addy again tonight at bedtime!
Family-9 Family-8 Family-7


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