Halloween 2015

We have had a blast of a weekend celebrating Halloween! It’s been a busy last few days, but luckily it’s a rainy Sunday so we are just sitting back and relaxing!

On Friday, Addy and I headed to a play date early in the morning at our park with some of the neighborhood kids. We didn’t last long as Addy had her first accident, a busted lip. Mother and daughter survived and all is well! Later in the evening, our neighbor hosted a pumpkin carving and chili dinner. All the neighbors pitched in with food. I made pumpkin sugar cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies and a pumpkin pie. All were delish, sorry no pictures! Addy loved being around all the kids. We didn’t attempt carving our pumpkin with the group and saved it until the next morning. Halloween-1

Addy work up Saturday morning to fresh baked pumpkin donuts for breakfast. She approved and devoured them!

Pumpkin DonutsHalloween-9 Halloween-8

Later in the day we carved pumpkins as a family. Addy was very much \into this activity. Taylor and I decided we’ll have to step up our pumpkin carving next year. This year it was pretty spur of the moment planning, but we love our pumpkins!Halloween-28 Halloween-30Halloween-37Halloween-40Halloween-46Halloween-48Halloween-54Halloween-13Halloween-18Halloween-62Halloween-64

Later in the afternoon we headed to a friend’s house for a party. There we a bunch of little kids so Addy was in heaven! She loved playing with different toys and they had a mini jump house. She had the time of her life!Halloween-92 Halloween-94 Halloween-104 Halloween-114 Halloween-115 Halloween-117 Head First!Halloween-120 Halloween-140

We then came home and Addy took a great nap. We had chili, spicy chicken soup and corn bread for dinner. It was delish!

Spicy Chicken SoupHalloween-146 ChiliHalloween-148IMG_1653IMG_1652

Our first trick or treaters arrived at 6:30. Addy thought costumes were hilarious and she was ready to chase after all the kids going along the street. We quickly got her dressed and tried to get a few pictures. She was all about the candy. We trick or treated to a few neighbors houses, but we pretty much hung out in our driveway with neighbors.

Mary’s Little LambHalloween-153-2 Halloween-154Halloween-164IMG_1668My carved pumpkinHalloween-183-2Someone was trying to steal from our candy bowl! Multiple times!Halloween-190Halloween-200Halloween-202Halloween-205Halloween-206Halloween-208Halloween-210


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