Meal Planning

I’m a planner, especially when it comes to the meals we eat. We eat most of our meals at home and I thought that I would share our meal plan for the meals that we ate in September. I’ll do my best to link to recipes that I have used and share pictures. We have had visitors for the past month and towards the end of the month life got a bit hectic and I didn’t record or snap pictures of the meals. All the pictures are iphone pics, so sorry!

Our meals consist of high protein, lots of veggies, some fruit, usually low dairy,  and low to no gluten. You’ll notice a lot of ground beef this month, it’s because that’s pretty much all we had left of our quarter cow we purchased at the beginning of summer. I buy most of our groceries at HEB, our local grocery store. I also visit Costco and Trader Joe’s about every other month.

I should also mention I cook enough for us to have both dinner and leftovers for lunch the next day. Addy eats what we eat. Her favorites below are ribs, pizza spaghetti pie and meatballs with marinara!

Here’s what my planning looks like. I usually plan out in 4-5 day increments for grocery shopping and defrosting meat. IMG_1495

1st-Fall Harvest Chicken SaladIMG_1257

2nd-Meatballs and Marina: Recipe HereIMG_1192

3rd-Sirloin, Brussel Sprouts, Beans and Potatoes

4th- Grilled Chicken, Brocoli, Salads, Sweet Potato

5th-Crock Pot Tri Tip Roast: Recipe Here, Carrots, Salad

6th-NY Strip Steaks with Sun dried tomato sauce, Baked Potato, Roasted Mushrooms, prosciutto wrapped AsparagusIMG_1209

7th-Ribs and Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, Roasted BroccoliIMG_1225

8th-Beef  Broccoli and Rice Bowls: Recipe HereIMG_1232

9th- Meatza: Similar Recipe Here and SaladsIMG_1280

10th-Roasted Pork, Beans, and Potatoes- This was from a magazine recipe. I can’t find it online, but it was so good!IMG_1274

11th- Spicy Burgers: Recipe Here, Green Beans and SaladsIMG_1236

12th- Turkey, Brocoli and Sweet potatosIMG_1284

13th- Tacos

14th- Pizza Pie: Recipe Here and SaladsIMG_1318

15th-Stuffed PeppersIMG_1327

16th-Spicey Ribeye with Cilantro Butter, Beans, and Sweet Potato bitesIMG_1323

17th-Grilled Chicken, Grilled Zuchini, Fall SaladsIMG_1254
18th-Chicken Fajjitas

19th-Burgers, Salad, Chips, Home made apple crisp

20th-Crockpot Roast, Fall Salads and VegetablesIMG_1335

21st-Grilled Chicken, Brocoli and Sweet PotatosIMG_1340

22nd-Mexican Beef: Recipe Here

23rd-Orange Glazed Chicken Kabobs: Recipe Here, Salads, Beans

24th-Date Night!! Taylor’s parents were in town so we went to Hubble and Hudson in The Woodlands for dinner. Yummy!

25th-Steak, Salads, Beans, Sweet Potatos

26th- Wings: Recipe Here, Stuffed Sweet Potatoes: Recipe Here

27th-I forget!


29th- Shrimp Bowl: Recipe Here/Chicken for TaylorIMG_1358

30th-Sirloin, Roasted Mushrooms, Fall Salads, roasted carrots


Hope this inspires you if you’re stuck in a rut!


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