Our Birthday!

Addy and I had a great 1st and 31st birthdays last week! Our day was filled with fun, presents and sugar! 🙂

We woke up to a great breakfast, with an added bonus of pumpkin cinnamon rolls. IMG_1376

We went to lunch at a local BBQ place. Addy loves ribs and their creamed corn. IMG_1381

After lunch, Taylor came home from work and Addy opened a few of her presents and we got ready for a small party in the evening. The day before Grandpa spent the day preparing Addy’s cake and my mom and I made mine. Addy had a family recipe chocolate cake with chocolate icing and I had a banana chocolate chip cake with peanut butter frosting. They were both so good! It took Addy a few gifts to realize what unwrapping was, but  boy did she enjoy the new toys! She is a very spoiled little girl, thanks to all the sent her presents! Opening presents was a three day affair, she spent a lot of time playing in between that we dragged the process out for her to enjoy it a bit.

Here’s pictures from the rest of our day!

PresentsPartyOur CakesParty-17Party-11Party-12Party-6Party-7Party-8Party-10Party-4Party-5Party-16Party-14Party-13Party-15Party-24Party-2PartyCousin Maribeth sent Addy the cutest books! This will help teach us about our new State!
Party-3Reading about Purdue!
IMG_1387Riding LawnmowerIMG_1382Candle Time



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