Addy: One Year

It’s hard to believe that we are celebrating our sweet Adelaide’s first birthday. The past year has been a whirlwind of joy and adventure with her. She’s a walking, babbling, eating machine of a one year old. She’s traveled almost 50,000 air miles in her first year of life and finally hit the mark of living in one place the longest, our home in the Houston area. We can’t wait to see her grow and amaze us.

I’m about to inundate you with her 1 year pictures that I took. Thanks to the help of Aunt Katie, Grandma, Grandpa and Nana for their help in taking these! We took pictures at some local parks and at home. I learned its way harder to take pictures of a one year old on the go compared to a newborn a year ago.

Addy1Year-3 She was more excited when she had her snack!Addy1Year-9 Addy1Year-13 Addy1Year-16 Addy1Year-19 Addy1Year-25 Addy1Year-34 Addy1Year-51 Addy1Year-63 Addy1Year-75 Addy1Year-80Addy1Year-293 Addy1Year-295Addy1Year-83Addy1Year-93Addy1Year-99


Addy1Year-113 Addy1Year-117 Addy1Year-123 Addy1Year-129 Addy1Year-135 Addy1Year-142 Addy1Year-145Addy1Year-166Addy1Year-170Addy1Year-173

Cake Smash Time!

Addy was not sure about the cake at first. It took Grandpa showing her what it was all about for her to get started and having fun!

The Setup
Addy1Year-177Addy1Year-191 Addy1Year-192 Addy1Year-198 Addy1Year-204 Addy1Year-207 Addy1Year-219 Addy1Year-222 Addy1Year-229 Addy1Year-241 Addy1Year-255 Addy1Year-259 Addy1Year-261 Addy1Year-266 Addy1Year-268 Addy1Year-286Addy1Year-300 Addy1YearAddy1Year-289After the clean-up she wasn’t quite finished. Addy1Year-291

Tonight we are celebrating our birthday with a small party for Addy. Grandpa made her a delicious looking chocolate cake and I have a banana chocolate chip cake with peanut frosting to celebrate my birthday. We’ll share some birthday photos next week!

These are low resolution photos with my copyright. If you’d like a copy of one of the photos above let me know and I’ll email you!


5 thoughts on “Addy: One Year

  1. so sweet! I love how you can see your family’s reflection in the balloons! She has the best expressions!!

    Happy birthdays to addy and her momma!!!

  2. These photos just bring smiles!!! Congratulations! What delight Adelaide has brought to your lives! And happy birthday to you too Mary!!!!!

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