Fall Fun

While the weather doesn’t quite feel like fall in Texas, we’ve been trying our best to do some fall activities. The weather is still in the 80s and I see no leaves changing colors, It’s drastically different then what I experienced growing up. I remember trick or treating in the snow a few years. We’re jealous of everyone getting to wear sweat shirts and pants!

This week we are jammed pack with Halloween activities and Addy is loving it! We have a few parties coming up this weekend, pumpkin carving and trick or treating. I’ll hopefully update the blog on Sunday so check back!

While my mom was visiting we went to a cute little fall festival in a nearby neighborhood. It was so cute. Addy loved what she participated in and next year, she’ll be able to do even more activities. She enjoyed the train ride and petting zoo.

Fall-2GamesFall-3Petting ZooFall-8 Fall-5 Fall-4Fall-12 Fall-11Train RideFall-16

This past weekend we made our mini pumpkin pies. Addy loved them! She also loved what Dad let her do with a can of whip cream. IMG_1557IMG_1559On Monday, Addy and I headed downtown Houston to Discovery Green for Toddler Tuesday story hour.(I’ll post more on this later!) It was the last story of the year and the Story was It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. We listened to the story, got a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and walked across the stage to display our costume. It was super cute! Addy loves her costume, Grandma made it and did a fabulous job!

Introducing Mary’s Little Lamb!IMG_1568IMG_1572IMG_1575Picking a Mini PumpkinIMG_1580IMG_1582IMG_1583Walking Across the Stage
IMG_1599Playing at the Discovery Green ParkIMG_1591IMG_1594

On Wednesday, she got to dress up with her friends at Crossfit. She just loves wearing her costume!

We’ve been spending a lot of time at our local park. Here’s some pictures that I’ve taken this week. Fall-94 Fall-83FullSizeRender 4She likes to collect these little seeds!FullSizeRender 2



House Project: Patio

We have completed our first major house project, a backyard patio! Woohoo! Many helping hands helped us in finishing this project and we love it! Katie and Andrew helped remove the sod when they were here for the weekend in September and Taylor’s dad helped us with a big chunk of the manual labor when he was here the following week and Grandma babysat Addy while I worked. Thanks for all of your help!

Here are the details and pictures of our project!

Taylor did all the planning and research and I did the ordering of products.

First, we tore out the sod. Thanks Katie and Andrew for your assistance! IMG_1329 IMG_1330

Then, the stone and gravel were delivered. IMG_1339

We then dug out the dirt. This was not an easy task. Taylor was working the majority of this task. It was me and his dad doing this part. untitled-44 untitled-38IMG_1342We had truck loads of “dirt”, it was more like clay!IMG_1344Our neighbors thought we were crazy!untitled-60untitled-59

untitled-70untitled-69 After the dirt was removed and everything was at the correct level. Taylor used the compactor to on the dirt. He then put down outdoor fabric, then gravel and compacted again. There was a lot of measuring involved here to make sure that it sloped correctly. We also moved the bricks from the driveway to the back. untitled-82 untitled-79 untitled-76 untitled-74untitled-68untitled-91

After the rock base came a sand base. I then got the process of laying the pavers down. untitled-99 untitled-95untitled-107untitled-2untitled-93untitled-12untitled-8IMG_1350You know you’re working hard when you wear a hole in your gloves!IMG_1351We had some angles on the patio that Taylor cut the pavers to fit correctly. untitled-34untitled-20untitled-18untitled-14

After all the pavers were laid the were compacted again, a layer of sand placed on them and compacted again. untitled-58 untitled-54Here’s a picture of the finished project! We still have landscaping to do, but we are waiting until the spring for that.

We love using our new patio! We eat lunch and dinner outside often and Addy loves to play outside. A big thanks to all of our helpers!

Meal Planning

I’m a planner, especially when it comes to the meals we eat. We eat most of our meals at home and I thought that I would share our meal plan for the meals that we ate in September. I’ll do my best to link to recipes that I have used and share pictures. We have had visitors for the past month and towards the end of the month life got a bit hectic and I didn’t record or snap pictures of the meals. All the pictures are iphone pics, so sorry!

Our meals consist of high protein, lots of veggies, some fruit, usually low dairy,  and low to no gluten. You’ll notice a lot of ground beef this month, it’s because that’s pretty much all we had left of our quarter cow we purchased at the beginning of summer. I buy most of our groceries at HEB, our local grocery store. I also visit Costco and Trader Joe’s about every other month.

I should also mention I cook enough for us to have both dinner and leftovers for lunch the next day. Addy eats what we eat. Her favorites below are ribs, pizza spaghetti pie and meatballs with marinara!

Here’s what my planning looks like. I usually plan out in 4-5 day increments for grocery shopping and defrosting meat. IMG_1495

1st-Fall Harvest Chicken SaladIMG_1257

2nd-Meatballs and Marina: Recipe HereIMG_1192

3rd-Sirloin, Brussel Sprouts, Beans and Potatoes

4th- Grilled Chicken, Brocoli, Salads, Sweet Potato

5th-Crock Pot Tri Tip Roast: Recipe Here, Carrots, Salad

6th-NY Strip Steaks with Sun dried tomato sauce, Baked Potato, Roasted Mushrooms, prosciutto wrapped AsparagusIMG_1209

7th-Ribs and Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, Roasted BroccoliIMG_1225

8th-Beef  Broccoli and Rice Bowls: Recipe HereIMG_1232

9th- Meatza: Similar Recipe Here and SaladsIMG_1280

10th-Roasted Pork, Beans, and Potatoes- This was from a magazine recipe. I can’t find it online, but it was so good!IMG_1274

11th- Spicy Burgers: Recipe Here, Green Beans and SaladsIMG_1236

12th- Turkey, Brocoli and Sweet potatosIMG_1284

13th- Tacos

14th- Pizza Pie: Recipe Here and SaladsIMG_1318

15th-Stuffed PeppersIMG_1327

16th-Spicey Ribeye with Cilantro Butter, Beans, and Sweet Potato bitesIMG_1323

17th-Grilled Chicken, Grilled Zuchini, Fall SaladsIMG_1254
18th-Chicken Fajjitas

19th-Burgers, Salad, Chips, Home made apple crisp

20th-Crockpot Roast, Fall Salads and VegetablesIMG_1335

21st-Grilled Chicken, Brocoli and Sweet PotatosIMG_1340

22nd-Mexican Beef: Recipe Here

23rd-Orange Glazed Chicken Kabobs: Recipe Here, Salads, Beans

24th-Date Night!! Taylor’s parents were in town so we went to Hubble and Hudson in The Woodlands for dinner. Yummy!

25th-Steak, Salads, Beans, Sweet Potatos

26th- Wings: Recipe Here, Stuffed Sweet Potatoes: Recipe Here

27th-I forget!


29th- Shrimp Bowl: Recipe Here/Chicken for TaylorIMG_1358

30th-Sirloin, Roasted Mushrooms, Fall Salads, roasted carrots


Hope this inspires you if you’re stuck in a rut!

Our Birthday!

Addy and I had a great 1st and 31st birthdays last week! Our day was filled with fun, presents and sugar! 🙂

We woke up to a great breakfast, with an added bonus of pumpkin cinnamon rolls. IMG_1376

We went to lunch at a local BBQ place. Addy loves ribs and their creamed corn. IMG_1381

After lunch, Taylor came home from work and Addy opened a few of her presents and we got ready for a small party in the evening. The day before Grandpa spent the day preparing Addy’s cake and my mom and I made mine. Addy had a family recipe chocolate cake with chocolate icing and I had a banana chocolate chip cake with peanut butter frosting. They were both so good! It took Addy a few gifts to realize what unwrapping was, but  boy did she enjoy the new toys! She is a very spoiled little girl, thanks to all the sent her presents! Opening presents was a three day affair, she spent a lot of time playing in between that we dragged the process out for her to enjoy it a bit.

Here’s pictures from the rest of our day!

PresentsPartyOur CakesParty-17Party-11Party-12Party-6Party-7Party-8Party-10Party-4Party-5Party-16Party-14Party-13Party-15Party-24Party-2PartyCousin Maribeth sent Addy the cutest books! This will help teach us about our new State!
Party-3Reading about Purdue!
IMG_1387Riding LawnmowerIMG_1382Candle Time


Addy: One Year

It’s hard to believe that we are celebrating our sweet Adelaide’s first birthday. The past year has been a whirlwind of joy and adventure with her. She’s a walking, babbling, eating machine of a one year old. She’s traveled almost 50,000 air miles in her first year of life and finally hit the mark of living in one place the longest, our home in the Houston area. We can’t wait to see her grow and amaze us.

I’m about to inundate you with her 1 year pictures that I took. Thanks to the help of Aunt Katie, Grandma, Grandpa and Nana for their help in taking these! We took pictures at some local parks and at home. I learned its way harder to take pictures of a one year old on the go compared to a newborn a year ago.

Addy1Year-3 She was more excited when she had her snack!Addy1Year-9 Addy1Year-13 Addy1Year-16 Addy1Year-19 Addy1Year-25 Addy1Year-34 Addy1Year-51 Addy1Year-63 Addy1Year-75 Addy1Year-80Addy1Year-293 Addy1Year-295Addy1Year-83Addy1Year-93Addy1Year-99


Addy1Year-113 Addy1Year-117 Addy1Year-123 Addy1Year-129 Addy1Year-135 Addy1Year-142 Addy1Year-145Addy1Year-166Addy1Year-170Addy1Year-173

Cake Smash Time!

Addy was not sure about the cake at first. It took Grandpa showing her what it was all about for her to get started and having fun!

The Setup
Addy1Year-177Addy1Year-191 Addy1Year-192 Addy1Year-198 Addy1Year-204 Addy1Year-207 Addy1Year-219 Addy1Year-222 Addy1Year-229 Addy1Year-241 Addy1Year-255 Addy1Year-259 Addy1Year-261 Addy1Year-266 Addy1Year-268 Addy1Year-286Addy1Year-300 Addy1YearAddy1Year-289After the clean-up she wasn’t quite finished. Addy1Year-291

Tonight we are celebrating our birthday with a small party for Addy. Grandpa made her a delicious looking chocolate cake and I have a banana chocolate chip cake with peanut frosting to celebrate my birthday. We’ll share some birthday photos next week!

These are low resolution photos with my copyright. If you’d like a copy of one of the photos above let me know and I’ll email you!