Hilton Head: Part Two

On our vacation in Hilton Head we spent a lot of time playing in the water and we loved every minute of it! We spent most of the time in the pool playing and relaxing, but we did manage to venture to the ocean also. Addy was eager to play in the waves. They were much smaller than when we were in Nantucket. She loved walking out into them and thought it was hilarious when they would get her really wet or knock her over.
HiltonHead-88 HiltonHead-89HiltonHead-90At the pool, we spent a lot of time swimming, playing volleyball, relaxing and drinking. Here comes pool picture overload!

Mandy so kindly brought floats!HiltonHead-66 HiltonHead-67 HiltonHead-74 HiltonHead-75 HiltonHead-76 Our Little SwimmerHiltonHead-77 HiltonHead-78 She had her own float!HiltonHead-81HiltonHead-82Sean did an excellent job as the pool boy!HiltonHead-13 HiltonHead-14 HiltonHead-16HiltonHead-17 HiltonHead-18 HiltonHead-20 HiltonHead-21 Volleyball Time!HiltonHead-15HiltonHead-19HiltonHead-22 HiltonHead-23HiltonHead-25 HiltonHead-26 HiltonHead-27 HiltonHead-28 HiltonHead-29 HiltonHead-30HiltonHead-49HiltonHead-51 HiltonHead-50HiltonHead-45 HiltonHead-31HiltonHead-24 HiltonHead-34 HiltonHead-37 HiltonHead-40 HiltonHead-41 HiltonHead-44 HiltonHead-82

HiltonHead-105 HiltonHead-103 HiltonHead-101 HiltonHead-100 HiltonHead-99 HiltonHead-98 HiltonHead-94 HiltonHead-93

Group shot! Here’s everyone from our trip, minus one sleeping baby. HiltonHead-59

We loved spending so much time with our friends and are looking forward to our next trip!


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