Hilton Head: Part One

In August, Addy, Taylor and I packed our bags and took off to Hilton Head, South Carolina for a vacation with our friends from college. We had a blast catching up our friends and introducing Addy to them. There were 13 adults and 3 little ones that rented a house in the Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head. The house was a short walk from the beach,  Salty Dog Cafe, and we had a great pool in the back yard. Addy loved every minute of being around so many people and especially loved all the playing in the water we did.

Here are a few house pictures.HiltonHead-141 HiltonHead-142 HiltonHead-143We flew from Houston to Charleston, SC and then drove 2 hours to get to Hilton Head. This little monster was happy to finally be at the house.
HiltonHead-144This trip was planned to celebrate our 30th birthdays. Our friend Paige had these fun koozies made. You can check out her recap of our vacation here.
HiltonHead-140This little one was always ready for adventures in Hilton Head! HiltonHead-149

Paige, Addy and I took a short walk exploring the area one morning. We walked to some of the t-shirt shops near Salty Dog and the beach. HiltonHead-124HiltonHead-122HiltonHead-116 HiltonHead-119While  back at the house there was a lot of this going on….planning for golf  for the day and working!HiltonHead-150 HiltonHead-151 HiltonHead-154

One morning of our trip, Paige, Addy and I went on an adventure to the Sea Pines Forest Preserve for a hike. We ended up walking more than we thought, but we had a lot of fun!

MarshHiltonHead-128 Spanish MossHiltonHead-129 Our TrailHiltonHead-130 Wildflower FieldHiltonHead-132 She spotted something in the lake water! 🙂HiltonHead-133 An Alligator!HiltonHead-134 HiltonHead-135 She was thrilled! (not really, I didn’t let her get too close!)HiltonHead-136Old Native Amerian Shell Ring
HiltonHead-137 The ShellsHiltonHead-138

One morning we headed to the local Farmer’s Market in Sea Pines. There were a lot of unique stalls selling different crafts and a few produce vendors. We purchased some corn for dinner, a delicious tomato pie and browsed around. HiltonHead-109 HiltonHead-110 HiltonHead-111 HiltonHead-112 HiltonHead-113One afternoon we ventured out to Harbortown located within the resort. The light house is located there along with a few stores and restaurants.

The LighthouseHiltonHead-2BoardwalkHiltonHead-4HiltonHead-6HiltonHead-8

In the evenings we spent time playing cards and doing puzzles. I loved playing Euchre and we have some real intense puzzlers in the group. HiltonHead-84 HiltonHead-85 HiltonHead-86 HiltonHead-87Up next week, I’ll share all of the fun we had playing in the pool and ocean!


2 thoughts on “Hilton Head: Part One

  1. Mary,

    I always enjoy seeing your pictures. Your baby girl Addy is sooo beautiful! What strikes me about her is the JOY that exudes from her. She reminds me of you—always positive and joy filled. Thank you for including me in your blog!

    Love, Gail

    Gail Krema Chicago WISP Retreat Coordinator

    Ignatian Spirituality Project Spiritual Retreats Ending Homelessness 1641 S. Allport Street Chicago, IL 60608

    Office Phone: 312-226-9184 Cell Phone: 630-988-0338


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