Addy: 11 Months

It’s hard to believe that September is already here and in just one short month we will be celebrating Addy’s first birthday. I’m in denial that she is turning one, maybe because that means I’m also turning a year older. It seems like this last year has flown by!

It has been amazing how much she has grown and learned over the course of this last month, she continues to amaze us. She’s walking everywhere and getting into everything. As you will see from some of the pictures, she has some favorite toys. She’s chattering a lot more throughout the day, but no words that we can pick up. She’s got 8 teeth, a bit more hair on top, weighs about 20 pounds, and is about 29 inches long.  Here’s some snapshots over the course of the last month!

Bath Timeuntitled-204 untitled-199 untitled-192 untitled-190 untitled-185 untitled-184 untitled-183 untitled-180Playing with her Puppy
untitled-170-2 untitled-152 untitled-149 untitled-149-2 She Loves Food!untitled-141 Exploring the Pots and Pans Cabinetuntitled-140 Reading with Daddyuntitled-135

Morning Smilesuntitled-132

We had a hot spell in August and the neighborhood pool was so hot it wasn’t even refreshing. We put the house out and bought a small baby pool, needless to say, Addy loved it.

untitled-122 untitled-82 untitled-50

The faces are priceless.untitled-34 untitled-33 untitled-32untitled-18 untitled-13 untitled-12-2 Oh no! My Toy!untitled-10 Her Favorite ToysIMG_1188IMG_0987 IMG_1102 IMG_1022IMG_1017 IMG_1045 IMG_1060 IMG_1085Finding interesting things around the house!
IMG_1174 Addy loves food! She knows when I saw breakfast, lunch or dinner to head to her high chair.

Hey Mom, is the bacon done yet?IMG_1167 Big Girl!IMG_1163IMG_0997 I know there is food in here!IMG_1098We love swinging at the park!IMG_1151 Taylor celebrated his birthday. My sous chef and I made a cheesecake to celebrate. IMG_1104Happy Birthday, Daddy!IMG_1110She loves to read!IMG_1095 IMG_1094
We visited the library for the first time this month. IMG_1056Playing with Bubbles


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