Clickin Moms Summer Scavenger Hunt: My Photos

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I was posting way more photos that usual in the month of July. I was taking part in a photo summer scavenger hunt contest for the photography forum Clickin Moms that I am a part of. It conincided wonderfully with our many vacations and I was excited to get to use my camera and be creative. Clickin Moms posted a prompt list of 101 things. Here’s the list.  I did not complete the whole list, but here are the pictures that I did take.  Some photos were with my phone others with my dslr. Enjoy!

BarefootIMG_0671 BeachIMG_0677 BarefootIMG_0696 RedIMG_0704 Ice CreamIMG_0712 BubblesIMG_0717 BubblesIMG_0718 HammockIMG_0720 UmbrellaIMG_0721 StripesIMG_0726 VolkswagonIMG_0743 Ice CreamIMG_0766 Summer ReadingIMG_0840 GogglesIMG_0911 WatermelonIMG_0912 Swimming PoolIMG_0914Campfire
ClickinHunt2015-19 KiteClickinHunt2015-22 SandcastleClickinHunt2015-24 SandcastleClickinHunt2015-25Drive-In
ClickinHunt2015-26Rain Drops
ClickinHunt2015-27 Rain DropsClickinHunt2015-28 Rain DropsClickinHunt2015-29 WaterClickinHunt2015-93 BoatClickinHunt2015-141 Sea ShellsClickinHunt2015-146 BikeClickinHunt2015-157 GardenClickinHunt2015-159 GardenClickinHunt2015-160 RedClickinHunt2015-174 Sea ShellClickinHunt2015-177 PlaygroundADDY (1 of 1) BoatClickinHunt2015-1 Lawn MowerClickinHunt2015-2-2HikeClickinHunt2015-12 CherryClickinHunt2015-11 SunflowerClickinHunt2015-9Tire Swing
ClickinHunt2015-2 SeashellsClickinHunt2015-3-2 SlideClickinHunt2015-4SunsetClickinHunt2015-17Yellow

My goal is to hopefully frame some of these photos and put them around the house. That’s my next project!

In case you missed it, I posted on Thursday about our week in Indiana. You can find it here. 


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