Indiana Summer: 2015

Addy and I returned from Wisconsin for a short stay at my parents in Indiana. We spent time hanging around the house, swimming, running errands, seeing family and took a crazy day trip.

Addy Helped Nana Pick her GardenIMG_0853 IMG_0855

We Swam in the Pool.IndianaSummer2015-1 IndianaSummer2015-2 IndianaSummer2015-3 IndianaSummer2015-4 IndianaSummer2015-5 IndianaSummer2015-6IndianaSummer2015-19

On Tuesday, our friend Mandy picked us up bright and early to start our day trip to  Indianapolis. Our first stop of the day was at Purdue University. We thought we would have time to walk a round campus and book stores before we visisted with grandparents and great grandparents, but we ran short on time and hit the bookstores. It was a bust of a shopping spree and we didn’t even find anything good! Addy did get a picture outside of one of our college hangouts!IndianaSummer2015-8

After Purdue we had a nice visit with Taylor’s parents and Grandparents. We had Arni’s for lunch outside on their patio. Addy of course loved the attention and getting to play outside. After lunch, we hit the road again and had an unplanned stop at our friend Bill’s work. It was right on the way and we hadn’t seen him in a really long time, it was nice to have a quick chat. Getting on the road again we headed south to Indianapolis, our first stop was visiting our friend Kelly that has twin girls a few months older than Addy. It was great to meet the girls and catch up with Kelly. Addy was amazed watching them walk around and play. I think she was slightly jealous of all of thier cool toys too! Our last stop of the day was at my cousin Katie and Andrew’s new house. We hung out and went out to dinner in downtown Carmel. After dinner, we packed up, put Addy in her PJ’s and made the trek back home to my parents. It was a whirlwind day. Big thanks to Mandy for driving and putting up with us all day!

Playing at the Park
IndianaSummer2015-12 IndianaSummer2015-13 IndianaSummer2015-14 IndianaSummer2015-15 IndianaSummer2015-16 IndianaSummer2015-17 IndianaSummer2015-18

Mowing the Lawn
IndianaSummer2015-7Hanging out with Uncle DaveIndianaSummer2015-11IMG_0870IMG_0871One night we headed to one of our favorite places for dinner, El Taco Real. Needless to say, Addy LOVED it! She ate everyone’s food and ate a lot of it. It was a much better visit then her first time when she slept through the entire meal.

We had our family friends over for dinner one evening. Addy enjoyed eating, playing and cuddling! We even made Uncle Dave a belated birthday cake. IndianaSummer2015-10 IndianaSummer2015-9Aunt Opie Cake-Click for RecipeIMG_0863

That rounds out our quick week back in Indiana. Early Friday morning Addy and I hopped back on a plane and met Taylor in Newark Airport for another exciting weekend. Check back soon for more of our travel adventures!


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