Door County 2015: Part Two

Here’s more from our from our trip to Door County!

Addy loves to play in the water and sand. In Door County we spent time at the beach in town and the beach inside the state park. A few days it was on the chilier side so we didn’t even get into our bathing suits, but still enjoyed ourselves. If you saw a few weeks back, Addy took her very first steps on the beach in town. It was very exciting!

Playing in the WaterDoorCounty-8Uncle DaveDoorCounty-9Time to Take a Break!DoorCounty-10Playing in the SandDoorCounty-44 Playing with FriendsDoorCounty-45 Best Attempt at a Friends ShotDoorCounty-46Loves Playing with Balls!DoorCounty-48 Tackling Grumpy when he wants to Nap!DoorCounty-49 Playing with FriendsDoorCounty-50

The boys were all about her!

IMG_0760We experienced some great Door County sunsets. Here are my sunset pictures unedited!
DoorCounty-51DoorCounty-40DoorCounty-39DoorCounty-38DoorCounty-37DoorCounty-36DoorCounty-35DoorCounty-34DoorCounty-33DoorCounty-32While this isn’t a sunset, there was a storming coming in and it looked pretty darn cool. Especially, with the canoe in the picture!FullSizeRender 5

One evening we went to dinner at a BBQ place. Outside there was a pig statue that we all thought was fitting for Addy to take a picture with. She ate so much this entire vacation!

DoorCounty-30Right next door was an ice cream shop that was fitting for Grandfather and Granddaughter.

DoorCounty-31One afternoon my Mom, Addy and I took a short hike to visit the lighthouse. Addy was desperate for a nap and she quickly fell asleep. DoorCounty-25DoorCounty-26We spent some time playing at the playgrounds. Addy loves to swing!DoorCounty-19DoorCounty-20This was the first time that we were able to use a present from our baby shower, our cart for our bikes! While I still don’t have a bike, I borrowed my Dad’s this vacation and Addy experienced her first bike ride. While she was not the biggest fan of having to wear a helmet, I think she enjoyed the aspect of riding. Hopefully she’ll get used to the helmet wearing!
IMG_0769 IMG_0771 IMG_0773In the evenings we head to Not Licked Yet just outside of the park to play and enjoy some ice cream. Addy and I would share a baby cone of the flavor of the day.

Ice Cream!
IMG_0834Playing on the RocksIMG_0809Can you spot us!?!IMG_0789Being Silly
IMG_0807That rounds out our adventures in Door County. We had one last adventure on the way home. A trip to Wisconsin would not be complete without a stop at Mars Cheese Castle! I had not been since the rebuilt the store so it was way different than I remembered. Addy loved it!

Coming up next week, I’l share some of our adventures of our week in Indiana!


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