Door County 2015: Part One

After spending a week in Nantucket, Addy and I flew to Chicago to spend some time in the Midwest. We spend a quick night at my parents house and then headed north to Door County, Wisconsin for Addy’s first road trip and camping experience. My family has been visiting Door County since I was in middle school. We travel with a large group of family friends which makes the vacation even more fun. I hadn’t been on this vacation in a few years so I was very much looking forward to the trip.

Addy’s ready for the trip! Kitchen gear and my old baby doll made for fun toys!
IMG_0756We camped at Peninsula State Park this year located in Fish Creek. This is a great State Park and we love visiting here. Here’s a look into our accommodations for the week. P.S. The pop-up camper is shown in the pictures is currently for sale! Let me know if you’re interested! 🙂

Mom Working HardDoorCounty-1 Addy Watching the ProcessDoorCounty-2 DoorCounty-3 The CamperDoorCounty-6 Uncle Dave’s TentDoorCounty-7DoorCounty-13

We enjoyed Grumpy making us breakfast in the mornings and we would also head out to eat at our favorite places.

Grumpy Cooking DoorCounty-4 Addy and Nana Playing Before BreakfastDoorCounty-5

One of our first stops on our Door County breakfast tour was at Al Johnson’s for some Swedish pancakes and meatballs. This restaurant is also know for having goats on the roof, but they weren’t out when we were visiting. Addy devoured the Swedish pancakes. My mom could only eat half of her plate, Addy seriously ate the other half plus blueberries, ham and one meatball. It was pretty impressive.

DoorCounty-15 DoorCounty-16 DoorCounty-17 DoorCounty-18Our next breakfast stop was a White Gull Inn located in Fish Creek. I love their breakfasts, we actually went twice! My go to dishes are the Door County Omelet, Nice Guy Hash, Cherry Pancakes, and the Cherry Stuffed French Toast. They also have great coffee cake. Sorry, no pictures of food, I was too busy stuffing my face and picking up after the little one. DoorCounty-21 DoorCounty-22Addy loved the great outdoors. She loved hearing birds, watching the wind blow leaves, exploring in the dirt, eating rocks and stick and in general just getting dirty. Here are some pictures from around our campsite or of Addy exploring and playing.

Baby’s Dirty FeetDoorCounty-27Exploring her SurroundingsDoorCounty-28Playing with ToysDoorCounty-42Watching the WaterDoorCounty-43Stealing Ice from the CoolerDoorCounty-47Playing with Nature
IMG_0763Hmm…what is this?!?IMG_0764IMG_0826Camping Wears a Girl OutIMG_0836

A Tooth Brush, New Favorite ToyIMG_0767

Causing TroubleIMG_0842

Mowing the RocksIMG_0847Grumpy NappingDoorCounty-24Playing in the Street with Uncle DaveDoorCounty-23

We did have a few rainy parts of our vacation, but made the most of family time in the pop-up. (You may choose to insert an eye-roll here.) Rain while camping with a baby that likes to explore and be on the move is not the best part of camping.

My Dad’s Face Says it all…haha. Love you, Dad!IMG_0782Playing with LightIMG_0778

Next week I’ll round out our Door County trip with some fun at the beach, Door County Sunsets, Playground time, Ice Cream, and biking and hiking!


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