Clickin Moms Summer Scavenger Hunt: My Photos

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I was posting way more photos that usual in the month of July. I was taking part in a photo summer scavenger hunt contest for the photography forum Clickin Moms that I am a part of. It conincided wonderfully with our many vacations and I was excited to get to use my camera and be creative. Clickin Moms posted a prompt list of 101 things. Here’s the list.  I did not complete the whole list, but here are the pictures that I did take.  Some photos were with my phone others with my dslr. Enjoy!

BarefootIMG_0671 BeachIMG_0677 BarefootIMG_0696 RedIMG_0704 Ice CreamIMG_0712 BubblesIMG_0717 BubblesIMG_0718 HammockIMG_0720 UmbrellaIMG_0721 StripesIMG_0726 VolkswagonIMG_0743 Ice CreamIMG_0766 Summer ReadingIMG_0840 GogglesIMG_0911 WatermelonIMG_0912 Swimming PoolIMG_0914Campfire
ClickinHunt2015-19 KiteClickinHunt2015-22 SandcastleClickinHunt2015-24 SandcastleClickinHunt2015-25Drive-In
ClickinHunt2015-26Rain Drops
ClickinHunt2015-27 Rain DropsClickinHunt2015-28 Rain DropsClickinHunt2015-29 WaterClickinHunt2015-93 BoatClickinHunt2015-141 Sea ShellsClickinHunt2015-146 BikeClickinHunt2015-157 GardenClickinHunt2015-159 GardenClickinHunt2015-160 RedClickinHunt2015-174 Sea ShellClickinHunt2015-177 PlaygroundADDY (1 of 1) BoatClickinHunt2015-1 Lawn MowerClickinHunt2015-2-2HikeClickinHunt2015-12 CherryClickinHunt2015-11 SunflowerClickinHunt2015-9Tire Swing
ClickinHunt2015-2 SeashellsClickinHunt2015-3-2 SlideClickinHunt2015-4SunsetClickinHunt2015-17Yellow

My goal is to hopefully frame some of these photos and put them around the house. That’s my next project!

In case you missed it, I posted on Thursday about our week in Indiana. You can find it here. 


Indiana Summer: 2015

Addy and I returned from Wisconsin for a short stay at my parents in Indiana. We spent time hanging around the house, swimming, running errands, seeing family and took a crazy day trip.

Addy Helped Nana Pick her GardenIMG_0853 IMG_0855

We Swam in the Pool.IndianaSummer2015-1 IndianaSummer2015-2 IndianaSummer2015-3 IndianaSummer2015-4 IndianaSummer2015-5 IndianaSummer2015-6IndianaSummer2015-19

On Tuesday, our friend Mandy picked us up bright and early to start our day trip to  Indianapolis. Our first stop of the day was at Purdue University. We thought we would have time to walk a round campus and book stores before we visisted with grandparents and great grandparents, but we ran short on time and hit the bookstores. It was a bust of a shopping spree and we didn’t even find anything good! Addy did get a picture outside of one of our college hangouts!IndianaSummer2015-8

After Purdue we had a nice visit with Taylor’s parents and Grandparents. We had Arni’s for lunch outside on their patio. Addy of course loved the attention and getting to play outside. After lunch, we hit the road again and had an unplanned stop at our friend Bill’s work. It was right on the way and we hadn’t seen him in a really long time, it was nice to have a quick chat. Getting on the road again we headed south to Indianapolis, our first stop was visiting our friend Kelly that has twin girls a few months older than Addy. It was great to meet the girls and catch up with Kelly. Addy was amazed watching them walk around and play. I think she was slightly jealous of all of thier cool toys too! Our last stop of the day was at my cousin Katie and Andrew’s new house. We hung out and went out to dinner in downtown Carmel. After dinner, we packed up, put Addy in her PJ’s and made the trek back home to my parents. It was a whirlwind day. Big thanks to Mandy for driving and putting up with us all day!

Playing at the Park
IndianaSummer2015-12 IndianaSummer2015-13 IndianaSummer2015-14 IndianaSummer2015-15 IndianaSummer2015-16 IndianaSummer2015-17 IndianaSummer2015-18

Mowing the Lawn
IndianaSummer2015-7Hanging out with Uncle DaveIndianaSummer2015-11IMG_0870IMG_0871One night we headed to one of our favorite places for dinner, El Taco Real. Needless to say, Addy LOVED it! She ate everyone’s food and ate a lot of it. It was a much better visit then her first time when she slept through the entire meal.

We had our family friends over for dinner one evening. Addy enjoyed eating, playing and cuddling! We even made Uncle Dave a belated birthday cake. IndianaSummer2015-10 IndianaSummer2015-9Aunt Opie Cake-Click for RecipeIMG_0863

That rounds out our quick week back in Indiana. Early Friday morning Addy and I hopped back on a plane and met Taylor in Newark Airport for another exciting weekend. Check back soon for more of our travel adventures!

Door County 2015: Part Two

Here’s more from our from our trip to Door County!

Addy loves to play in the water and sand. In Door County we spent time at the beach in town and the beach inside the state park. A few days it was on the chilier side so we didn’t even get into our bathing suits, but still enjoyed ourselves. If you saw a few weeks back, Addy took her very first steps on the beach in town. It was very exciting!

Playing in the WaterDoorCounty-8Uncle DaveDoorCounty-9Time to Take a Break!DoorCounty-10Playing in the SandDoorCounty-44 Playing with FriendsDoorCounty-45 Best Attempt at a Friends ShotDoorCounty-46Loves Playing with Balls!DoorCounty-48 Tackling Grumpy when he wants to Nap!DoorCounty-49 Playing with FriendsDoorCounty-50

The boys were all about her!

IMG_0760We experienced some great Door County sunsets. Here are my sunset pictures unedited!
DoorCounty-51DoorCounty-40DoorCounty-39DoorCounty-38DoorCounty-37DoorCounty-36DoorCounty-35DoorCounty-34DoorCounty-33DoorCounty-32While this isn’t a sunset, there was a storming coming in and it looked pretty darn cool. Especially, with the canoe in the picture!FullSizeRender 5

One evening we went to dinner at a BBQ place. Outside there was a pig statue that we all thought was fitting for Addy to take a picture with. She ate so much this entire vacation!

DoorCounty-30Right next door was an ice cream shop that was fitting for Grandfather and Granddaughter.

DoorCounty-31One afternoon my Mom, Addy and I took a short hike to visit the lighthouse. Addy was desperate for a nap and she quickly fell asleep. DoorCounty-25DoorCounty-26We spent some time playing at the playgrounds. Addy loves to swing!DoorCounty-19DoorCounty-20This was the first time that we were able to use a present from our baby shower, our cart for our bikes! While I still don’t have a bike, I borrowed my Dad’s this vacation and Addy experienced her first bike ride. While she was not the biggest fan of having to wear a helmet, I think she enjoyed the aspect of riding. Hopefully she’ll get used to the helmet wearing!
IMG_0769 IMG_0771 IMG_0773In the evenings we head to Not Licked Yet just outside of the park to play and enjoy some ice cream. Addy and I would share a baby cone of the flavor of the day.

Ice Cream!
IMG_0834Playing on the RocksIMG_0809Can you spot us!?!IMG_0789Being Silly
IMG_0807That rounds out our adventures in Door County. We had one last adventure on the way home. A trip to Wisconsin would not be complete without a stop at Mars Cheese Castle! I had not been since the rebuilt the store so it was way different than I remembered. Addy loved it!

Coming up next week, I’l share some of our adventures of our week in Indiana!

Door County 2015: Part One

After spending a week in Nantucket, Addy and I flew to Chicago to spend some time in the Midwest. We spend a quick night at my parents house and then headed north to Door County, Wisconsin for Addy’s first road trip and camping experience. My family has been visiting Door County since I was in middle school. We travel with a large group of family friends which makes the vacation even more fun. I hadn’t been on this vacation in a few years so I was very much looking forward to the trip.

Addy’s ready for the trip! Kitchen gear and my old baby doll made for fun toys!
IMG_0756We camped at Peninsula State Park this year located in Fish Creek. This is a great State Park and we love visiting here. Here’s a look into our accommodations for the week. P.S. The pop-up camper is shown in the pictures is currently for sale! Let me know if you’re interested! 🙂

Mom Working HardDoorCounty-1 Addy Watching the ProcessDoorCounty-2 DoorCounty-3 The CamperDoorCounty-6 Uncle Dave’s TentDoorCounty-7DoorCounty-13

We enjoyed Grumpy making us breakfast in the mornings and we would also head out to eat at our favorite places.

Grumpy Cooking DoorCounty-4 Addy and Nana Playing Before BreakfastDoorCounty-5

One of our first stops on our Door County breakfast tour was at Al Johnson’s for some Swedish pancakes and meatballs. This restaurant is also know for having goats on the roof, but they weren’t out when we were visiting. Addy devoured the Swedish pancakes. My mom could only eat half of her plate, Addy seriously ate the other half plus blueberries, ham and one meatball. It was pretty impressive.

DoorCounty-15 DoorCounty-16 DoorCounty-17 DoorCounty-18Our next breakfast stop was a White Gull Inn located in Fish Creek. I love their breakfasts, we actually went twice! My go to dishes are the Door County Omelet, Nice Guy Hash, Cherry Pancakes, and the Cherry Stuffed French Toast. They also have great coffee cake. Sorry, no pictures of food, I was too busy stuffing my face and picking up after the little one. DoorCounty-21 DoorCounty-22Addy loved the great outdoors. She loved hearing birds, watching the wind blow leaves, exploring in the dirt, eating rocks and stick and in general just getting dirty. Here are some pictures from around our campsite or of Addy exploring and playing.

Baby’s Dirty FeetDoorCounty-27Exploring her SurroundingsDoorCounty-28Playing with ToysDoorCounty-42Watching the WaterDoorCounty-43Stealing Ice from the CoolerDoorCounty-47Playing with Nature
IMG_0763Hmm…what is this?!?IMG_0764IMG_0826Camping Wears a Girl OutIMG_0836

A Tooth Brush, New Favorite ToyIMG_0767

Causing TroubleIMG_0842

Mowing the RocksIMG_0847Grumpy NappingDoorCounty-24Playing in the Street with Uncle DaveDoorCounty-23

We did have a few rainy parts of our vacation, but made the most of family time in the pop-up. (You may choose to insert an eye-roll here.) Rain while camping with a baby that likes to explore and be on the move is not the best part of camping.

My Dad’s Face Says it all…haha. Love you, Dad!IMG_0782Playing with LightIMG_0778

Next week I’ll round out our Door County trip with some fun at the beach, Door County Sunsets, Playground time, Ice Cream, and biking and hiking!

Nantucket 2015: Part Two

Here’s a continuation of our our trip to Nantucket.

One morning we headed to Siasconset for a short walk around the area looking at the cute old houses and we visited the Sankaty Head Lighthouse. I especially love the gardens that most of the homes have and the climbing roses that cover most of the houses.
Nantucket-7 Nantucket-6 Nantucket-5 Nantucket-4 Nantucket-3 Nantucket-2 Nantucket-1Nantucket (62 of 108)Nantucket (68 of 108)Nantucket (66 of 108)Nantucket (65 of 108)Nantucket (64 of 108)

On a separate morning we headed to Brant Point Light house which is located closer to town. We watched some people catching fish, waved to the outgoing ferries and found some shells.

Brant Point Lighthouse with the Harbour in the Background
Nantucket (45 of 108) Brant Point LighthouseNantucket (46 of 108) The GirlsNantucket (47 of 108) SistersNantucket (48 of 108) Mom & the LighthouseNantucket (50 of 108) Nantucket (51 of 108) Nantucket (52 of 108) Nantucket (54 of 108) Mom and DaughtersNantucket (55 of 108)

Each year in Nantucket we have our Seersucker Lobster Dinner night. Here are some pictures form the night!

Our Whole Group
Nantucket (122 of 108) Grandma and Grandpa with AddyNantucket (121 of 108) Nantucket (120 of 108) Our Little FamilyNantucket (118 of 108) Addy, Mom and NanaNantucket (116 of 108) Addy and MomNantucket (115 of 108) Daddy and AddyNantucket (112 of 108) Lobsters-Hmm…Nantucket (111 of 108) Nantucket (110 of 108) Nantucket (109 of 108) Nantucket (108 of 108) Addy and her CousinNantucket (106 of 108)

Town Pictures
Nantucket (71 of 108)Nantucket (60 of 108) Nantucket (59 of 108) Nantucket (58 of 108)

Nantucket (105 of 108) One afternoon we went on a paddle boarding adventure. Addy, Nana and I watched from the beach. Nantucket (104 of 108)Nantucket (100 of 108)Nantucket (99 of 108)Nantucket (98 of 108)Nantucket (97 of 108)Nantucket (96 of 108)Nantucket (94 of 108)Nantucket (93 of 108)Nantucket (92 of 108)Nantucket (91 of 108)Nantucket (90 of 108)Nantucket (89 of 108)Nantucket (86 of 108)Nantucket (85 of 108)Nantucket (84 of 108)

Addy experienced bubbles for the first time on this trip. She loved them!
Nantucket (79 of 108) Nantucket (78 of 108) Nantucket (77 of 108) Nantucket (76 of 108) Nantucket (75 of 108) Nantucket (74 of 108)

We ventured to Dionis Beach one morning. This beach is known for having many shells. Addy loved exploring the water, shells and anything and everything else we could find for her to look at and touch.

Shells on a Fence
Nantucket (36 of 144) Nantucket (35 of 144)The Beach
Nantucket (35 of 108) Small CrabNantucket (33 of 144) Nantucket (32 of 144) PlayingNantucket (31 of 144) Nantucket (30 of 144) Baby FeetNantucket (28 of 144) Nantucket (27 of 144)

On one of our last evenings we headed to Cisco Brewers. We enjoyed some drinks, music and of course the company of family.
Nantucket (136 of 108) Addy thought the band was pretty interesting. Nantucket (135 of 108) Nantucket (134 of 108) Nantucket (133 of 108) Nana enjoying a beer. Nantucket (132 of 108) Nantucket (130 of 108) Nantucket (129 of 108) Nantucket (128 of 108) Nantucket (127 of 108)

We also took some family pictures on the beach.
Nantucket (142 of 108) Nantucket (141 of 108) Nantucket (140 of 108) Nantucket (138 of 108) Nantucket (137 of 108)