Addy: 9 Months

Addy 9 Months-71Can you believe our little firecracker is 9 months old?!? It has been an exciting month around here as Addy has been learning so many new things and is always on the go! This post contains lots of Addy pictures from the last month plus the pictures I took for her 9 Month photos.

Nap Time
Addy 9 Months-41Being a GoofballAddy 9 Months-46Just Chillin’IMG_0581

Addy crawls around pretty quickly now. While her preferred method is still the army crawl, she recently started to get up on all fours and crawl a bit. She can go from her tummy to sitting up on her own and can also pull her self up to standing from the floor to the couch or us. Her favorite activity is walking, assisted by us, scooting along the couch or practicing using one of her new toys.

How we found her in bed one morning…IMG_0483Loves the camera and crawling all over me. Addy 9 Months-30Addy 9 Months-32Addy 9 Months-33

Watching her personality and interests develop has been fun to watch. I see resemblances of both Taylor and myself in her daily. She studies and examines things like her father the engineer and is picking up on my social and friendliness attributes and unfortunately my grumpiness when she gets hungry. Her favorite toys lately have been books, stacking cups, shape blocks, her new trike, and elephant push toy. Addy 9 Months-34 Addy 9 Months-29Addy 9 Months-4Addy 9 Months-3IMG_0625Addy 9 Months-1Addy 9 Months-2IMG_0543


She still loves our pool and splash pad. We try and go as often as we can, usually in the late afternoon when the area is shaded. One weekend our neighborhood hosted a party that they offered free snow cones. Addy loved her non flavored version, it helped with the teething!Addy 9 Months-7 Addy 9 Months-10 Addy 9 Months-11 Addy 9 Months-15 Addy 9 Months-16 Addy 9 Months-18 Addy 9 Months-22 Addy 9 Months-25

Addy now has 5 teeth with the 6th tooth just about ready to pop through the gums. Her smile is pretty adorable as you’ll see in some of the pictures below. She had her 9 month check up yesterday and weighed in at 18 pounds and was 28 inches long. The doctor said everything looks great and she’s hitting all of her milestones.

Addy continues to amaze us with her eating abilities. She loves all food, but her favorite this past month has been blueberries. I’m surprised she hasn’t turned into one! They are the first thing she eats off her tray and is always delighted when she is offered more.

Mmm…eating ribs.IMG_0478

9 Month Photos

Addy 9 Months-70 Addy 9 Months-74 Addy 9 Months-83 Addy 9 Months-90Addy 9 Months-48Addy 9 Months-45ARRR…I’m going to eat everything!Addy 9 Months-94Addy 9 Months-95Huh, you want me to smile?Addy 9 Months-56Addy 9 Months-54Daddy Kisses
Addy 9 Months-96

Our little family is about to embark on whirlwind vacations. We are looking forward to spending time with family and friends, visiting some of favorite vacation destination, and spending time in the outdoors. Addy is thrilled and looking forward to meeting family and friends along our way. I’m thrilled for the abundance of babysitters that will be around, to have some dive in to some photography research and practice and to hopefully read a book or two!   In the next 5 weeks, Addy will be gone for all but 5 days and we will be taking 9 flights in total. Thankfully, only one of those segments is on our own. Taylor will be joining us for bits and pieces of our travels. We very excited for our summer adventures and hope to escape from the Texas summer heat as best as we can.  I’ll try to update the blog when I can, but I know part of our trip internet connectivity will be an issue. I can’t wait to share our adventures with you when we return!


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