Addy: 8 Months

It’s hard to believe that Addy is 8 months old already. Time is flying!

Addy continues to amaze us each day as she is exploring the world around her and developing her personality. She is definitely a people person, observer and examiner. She continues to love being out and about and watching people. I think grocery shopping might be one of her favorite activities because she can watch and smile at so many people.

She continues to crawl about the house and is picking up speed. She also has a knack for getting into things she shouldn’t or finding the tiniest specs of things to put into her mouth. Baby gates are on their way!

Crawling Army StyleAddy 8 Months-12

Recently, Addy enjoys practicing her walking skills. She loves to hold our hands and walk around the house. She could do it all day if our backs wouldn’t be killing us! She also likes to stand along the ottoman and play with anything we may leave on it. Addy 8 Months-19

This past month she has gained another tooth. She has her bottom two teeth and now a top one. We think her top teeth are coming in out of order or her teeth are going to need to move a bit because this one is way off to the side. We are not that concerned about it and are just waiting and watching what happens. She’s not consindered and actually has started to understand what her teeth or suppose to be used for when eating. She loves tearing food with her teeth and hands now.

Speaking of eating, it’s still one of Addy’s favortie parts of the day. This past week we started serving her dinner. She eats way more then I would have imagined an 8 month old eating! She now demonstrates her ability to use the pincher grasp(thumb and pointer finger) to pick things up and put them in her mouth.

Displaying her love for blueberries and blackberries!Addy 8 Months-14

Addy is starting to make some friends! I’ve started to go to a local crossfit box(woohoo!) and I’m lucky that they offer child care. Addy loves spending time playing with a 3 year old that is also there and a little 2 month old. She is all smiles when we arrive and quickly falls asleep for a long nap when we get home. Win, win for both of us!IMG_0461 IMG_0463 IMG_0464 IMG_0465

My Laundry Helper

Addy 8 Months-20 Addy 8 Months-22 Loves to Play in Our ClosetAddy 8 Months-23Bath Time is a Hit!Addy 8 Months-17Addy 8 Months-18She’s a Helper in the KitchenAddy 8 Months-2Addy 8 Months-5Addy 8 Months-10Addy 8 Months-11

We love going to our neighborhood park. While our pool hasn’t been open during the week yet the playground and splash pad are a hit with the little one. She LOVES playing in the water. Nana arrived Tuesday and got to play with us at the park and splash pad. We had a blast!
Addy 8 Months-31 Addy 8 Months-34 Addy 8 Months-35 Addy 8 Months-38 Addy 8 Months-47 Addy 8 Months-53That’s about it for this month! We go back to the doctor next month so I can’t wait to check her weight and length.


2 thoughts on “Addy: 8 Months

  1. Addy is such a beautiful baby! Thanks for the pictures. So glad your Mom is down visiting you all–what a way to start retirement!

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