Our Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day weekend was filled with some special guests visiting us in Texas for the first time. Katie and Andrew arrived late Thursday night to spend the weekend with us. While the weather here in the Houston area has been horrendous lately, this weekend especially,  we still managed to have a great time!

Friday morning Addy was thrilled and somewhat perplexed  to find out that we had guests visiting. It was pretty amusing watching her take in the fact that it just wasn’t Mom and Dad around the house, but other people were here too. Andrew and Taylor went off to work for the day and Katie, Addy, and I spent the morning and early afternoon shopping. Once we got back home, Addy napped and Katie helped me with some unpacking and organize our house. It rained most of the evening so we stayed put hanging out around the house.

Saturday morning we started our day relaxing around the house and unpacking a few more boxes. Later in the morning Addy, Katie and I visited Old Town Spring for some shopping while the boys took a trip to Home Depot and Lowe’s. Old Town has unique, cute, little stores that we browsed. We all met up for lunch at the Black Sheet Bistro where we had some sandwiches. As we were finishing up lunch it started to rain. It rained on and off most of the evening. More sorting and organizing happened around the house. We cooked a nice dinner at home and enjoyed some cocktails. Katie also showed us a new way to shuck corn that eliminated the corn silk from getting everywhere, mind blown.

DrinksIMG_0401No Mess!IMG_0405IMG_0404

Sunday started off as Sunday Funday! We had a yummy breakfast of hash browns and blueberry pancakes along with some mimosas. It was once again a pretty gloomy day so we mostly stayed indoors. Katie and I organized my closest and finished some other organizing around the house. We watched the race and bought some plants later in the afternoon. For dinner we tried a BBQ place near by, Ruby’s. It was pretty good and I see us getting it again.IMG_0406

Monday started out with sunshine, we quickly put on our bathing suits and headed to our neighborhood pool. Addy loved the water! Addy loved that our pool has a zero entry side and she walked right in with our assistance all the way to her belly. She’s a little daring. She also enjoyed watching all the other kids swim! Later in the afternoon we took Katie to the airport for her disastrous trip back. Shortly after leaving her a storm rolled in. Needless to say, after many delays her flight was eventually cancelled and Andrew pick her back up in the late evening. It stormed all through the night. The thunder, lightening and rain were very intense. We are lucky that we have not been effected by the flooding happening around the area, we continue to keep our fingers crossed it does not get bad by us. There is more rain in the forecast. IMG_0413 IMG_0420 IMG_0422

Katie managed to fly home Tuesday. She had a long day of travel with a long layover and some delays, but she made it home safely. Andrew headed to work in the Houston area and so did Taylor! We loved having our visitors and are so thankful for all of their help!

On a side note, today marks a special day for one hardworking Mom and Nana! Today is my Mom’s last day of work, she’s retiring from the Post Office. First on her retirement agenda….a visit to Texas! We can’t wait to see her next week.

Happy Retirement, Mom!

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