Our Little Garden: Part 1

Our first home project was completed shortly after we moved in. Our sea container had not arrived yet, so there was not much to get done indoors so a garden was the perfect first project.  We(Taylor did the bulk of the work) set-up a small vegetable garden in our side yard.

Growing up, my mom always grew vegetables in our backyard and I loved helping. I remember growing surpluses of tomatoes and cucumbers that I would sell at my lemonade stands on the neighborhood corner. I think the produce sold better than the lemonade!  I think there is something gratifying to growing your own food and knowing where your food comes from.

Taylor built our garden and mixed the dirt, I planted and Addy  napped or played in the grass while we worked. We are following the square foot garden method from this book.  Being new to Texas, we are doing a trial in this garden box for the time being. We’d like to what grows the best then possibly make another box for this fall for a late harvest. A plus to living in Texas is that we have a much longer growing season so we can’t wait to experiment!

We have a mix of things growing and some things were put in our gardens as plants and others we started from seeds. We are growing roma tomatoes, red, yellow, orange and banana peppers, cucumbers, two types of beans, onions, small carrots, romaine, spinach and broccoli.

Week 1IMG_0273Week 2IMG_0315IMG_0394

We have had a lot of rain the last 2 weeks and our garden could use some sun. Hopefully, there will be less rain in the forecast soon! I’ll post another update soon as our garden grows. Fingers crossed for success!


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