Back Home in Indiana: Part 2

Our second half of our trip back in Indiana was spent in Lafayette at Taylor’s parents house. Addy loved seeing her Grandparents again and meeting her Great-Grandparents. Sorry, but my picture taking this week fell off the wagon. I need to snap some more pictures of Addy and her grandparents. (Good thing they are coming to Texas this week!)

Addy and Great-GrandmaIMG_3151 Addy and Great-GrandpaIMG_3145Even though my face doesn’t show it, I loved my new blanket cousin Kathy! Thanks!IMG_3125 New Toys!IMG_3127 IMG_3130

Addy spent the week being entertained by her grandparents, while Taylor and I did a lot of work for our move and running errands. Addy did try to help!IMG_0113

Play Time!IMG_3135 IMG_3138

On Thursday we spent sometime wandering our campus and visiting the bookstores. It was Addy’s first visit on campus and we showed her some of our favorite places! It was the Thursday before spring break and one of the first warm days so everyone was out and about. Addy loved people watching and was very giggly. I’m excited to bring her back this summer because I have a feeling she will love taking a visit in her bathing suit to the fountains. IMG_0114

Addy became a roller this week. She even started sleeping on her tummy. We had to laugh on Friday when our things were packed and she wanted to nap, this is how she slept. Poor thing was wore out!IMG_0115

This week flew by! Friday evening we headed to Indianapolis to fly to Houston for our next adventure.

Loved looking out the window.IMG_0117 Baby girl, don’t get used to First Class!IMG_0119


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