Discovery Green and More: Photography Walk

I had the pleasure of going on my first photography outing here in Houston this past Saturday. For Christmas, I received a membership to a photography forum called Clickin Moms. Each year, they host photography walks in many cities around the world. It was exciting to get the camera back out after being so busy these last few weeks, meet some new people, visit downtown Houston, and have a Mom break. Addy stayed home with Dad, it was nice to have some alone time! 🙂

This years Houston walk showcased Discovery Green a local park, Annunciation Catholic Church, a walk around the outside of Minute Maid Park, and a stop at Phoenicia Specialty Foods. Enjoy the pictures!

CMWALK-56 CMWALK-54 CMWALK-53 CMWALK-52 CMWALK-49 CMWALK-47 CMWALK-41 CMWALK-38 CMWALK-28 CMWALK-22 CMWALK-20 CMWALK-19 CMWALK-18 CMWALK-15 CMWALK-12 CMWALK-10 CMWALK-8 CMWALK-2 If you are interested in checking out what Clickin’ Moms is about, I can send you a link! I loved that their are many different forums, tutorials, and classes. Once things get more settled around here, I hope to get back exploring with photography.


Addy: 6 Months

I’m a couple of weeks late on this one, sorry about that!

Our sweet little girl has hit the six month mark and continues to amaze us each day. From month 5 to 6 Addy has grown and changed so much. She is a pretty easy going baby, especially with all the move and change that has been going on. She loves going out and about running errands and shopping, interacting with other people, and going for walks in her stroller. We are still working on night time sleeping, but this will be something that we will work on in the next few weeks once our belongings have arrived. (I’ve counted and in the last 2 months we’ve slept in 6 different places! I’ve found it difficult to sleep at night too!)

Our last days in Indiana Addy started to roll over on  an consistant basis. After a few days in Texas, she was quickly rolling from one side of the room to the other. She’s quick and as parents we quickly had to do some baby proofing!

Right after the adventures in rolling started to sit-up on her own. It started in short little bursts with help from mom and dad, then sitting and playing for long periods with mom and dad to sitting and playing on her own then laying down and rolling and playing on her own.

Addy is now exploring with food. She is still breastfed, but we have introduced her to solids following the Baby Led Weaning Method. I’ll post more on Addy’s eating adventures in the coming weeks. She has enjoyed pretty much everything that I’ve put in front of her. Strawberries continue to be her favorite thing to eat. They also tend to be the messiest so far!

We had our first Urgent Care experience right at the 6 month mark. Addy broke out in a rash aound her chest and under her arms late in the afternoon and evening. We weren’t able to get her into the doctor, but visisted a really nice peadiatric urgent care facility. The doctors thought it was just a skin reaction to something that she came in contact with. We’re not sure what exactly happened, but it was gone by the morning.

Our last big milestone for this past month was we had our first tooth pop through! It’s hard to get a picture of it because its still so tiny, but her smile is adorable.

Here are some final stats on Addy. She weighs about 16.5 pounds, eyes are still blue, and hair is still lacking. 🙂

Here are some 6 month pictures I took. I’m hoping to take a few more soon, but we’ve just not had enough time. She is getting tougher and tougher to get good photos of because she moves so much.

Enjoy!Addy6Month-2 Addy6Month-4 Addy6Month-6Here are some iphone photos!IMG_0145 IMG_0159 IMG_0165 IMG_0192 IMG_0151Did I forget to mention she loves to eat?!?!


Our Home

We officially became Texas residents last week when we closed on our very first house. While it’s been stressful these last few weeks with our move back to the States, we are glad that we finally have a permanent place to call home.


Our First Home

Here is a brief tour of our home…

Entry Way(Not Pictured:Office to the Left)House-1 Half BathHouse-2

Master BedroomHouse-5 Master BathHouse-4 Master ClosetHouse-3

Living Room and Kitchen (Not Pictured: Breakfast Nook to the Left)House-6Living Room, Stairs and Entry Way
House-7 Dinning RoomHouse-8Backyard
House-9Addy’s Room House-11

Not pictured 2 Guest Bedrooms(I can’t find the pictures I took!)

Guest Bath #1House-10Media RoomHouse-13Game Room House-17House-15

That’s the brief tour, you’ll have to come visit for the full one!

Our first official night in the house was last Friday.  Taylor’s parents were in town to help us get our things moved from our temporary housing to our new one, help with projects before we moved in, help with deliveries and watch Addy. We would have been a mess without them. Thanks for visiting!

I’m too embarrassed to show you current pictures of the place because its a bit of a disaster. Between deliveries of our things in storage and no place to put anything other than the floor it looks like a tornado has gone through the house. We are hopeful that our sea container arrives in the next week so we can start to make our house look like a home.  We are a bit tired of living out of suit cases and living in an empty house. We are currently living with a patio set as our only furniture. Our roly poly, Addy, loves having free range of the living room carpet, but Mom and Dad are tired of the floor.

We can’t wait for visitors once our belongings have arrived!


Better late then never is the new motto for the blog these last few weeks. Life has been extremely hectic and busy. Buying a house, cars, living in a new city and having a 6 month old is keeping us on our toes. Our family has lots to update you on and I hope to share later in the week either Addy’s 6 month update or our housing update so be sure to check back!

Here’s our Easter Holiday in Pictures….

IMG_3254Getting Ready for our Easter Photo ShootIMG_3255 Some Bunny Loves You!IMG_3263 IMG_3293-3Uh, What’s this Green Stuff?!?!IMG_3322Not a Happy CamperIMG_3326-2IMG_3329Easter Basket for the Whole FamilyIMG_3356IMG_3360IMG_3370IMG_3378IMG_3388IMG_3390Easter Dinner

Back Home in Indiana: Part 2

Our second half of our trip back in Indiana was spent in Lafayette at Taylor’s parents house. Addy loved seeing her Grandparents again and meeting her Great-Grandparents. Sorry, but my picture taking this week fell off the wagon. I need to snap some more pictures of Addy and her grandparents. (Good thing they are coming to Texas this week!)

Addy and Great-GrandmaIMG_3151 Addy and Great-GrandpaIMG_3145Even though my face doesn’t show it, I loved my new blanket cousin Kathy! Thanks!IMG_3125 New Toys!IMG_3127 IMG_3130

Addy spent the week being entertained by her grandparents, while Taylor and I did a lot of work for our move and running errands. Addy did try to help!IMG_0113

Play Time!IMG_3135 IMG_3138

On Thursday we spent sometime wandering our campus and visiting the bookstores. It was Addy’s first visit on campus and we showed her some of our favorite places! It was the Thursday before spring break and one of the first warm days so everyone was out and about. Addy loved people watching and was very giggly. I’m excited to bring her back this summer because I have a feeling she will love taking a visit in her bathing suit to the fountains. IMG_0114

Addy became a roller this week. She even started sleeping on her tummy. We had to laugh on Friday when our things were packed and she wanted to nap, this is how she slept. Poor thing was wore out!IMG_0115

This week flew by! Friday evening we headed to Indianapolis to fly to Houston for our next adventure.

Loved looking out the window.IMG_0117 Baby girl, don’t get used to First Class!IMG_0119