Back Home in Indiana: Part 1

Our final night in Singapore we stayed at the hotel attached to the airport. This made our early morning flight so much easier. We woke up, grabbed two luggage carts, loaded them full with our six 70ish pound bags, two roller boards, small duffle bag, back pack, diaper bag, carseat and stroller and made our way. If there were more people in the airport I’m sure we would have got some stares. We walked from our hotel door to the plane with minimal stop time at check-in, customs, and security. Singapore has the most efficient airport I’ve ever been in. photo (14)

Our little world traveler once again was a rockstar on our 24 hour flight. The journey was much easier this time too since we all had our own business class seats. We arrived safely, soundly and jet lagged to my awaiting parents(Nana and Grumps) at O’hare. We filled the back of my Dad’s truck and headed home to eat and sleep.

Once home, Addy got to meet her puppy, Libby. Much to my surprise, Addy and Libby did really well together our whole visit. Libby did not eat any of Addy’s things and allowed Addy to pet her. Sometimes Addy didn’t have the timing down on when to pet her and Libby would escape, but they got on wonderfully. IMG_0094 2N&G-18N&G-20

Addy also experienced cold midwest weather and snow. She wasn’t a fan of having to be so bundled up!Snow-1 Snow-2

Our first few days were a blur. My Grandpa had been ill for most of 2015 and a visit to him was first on the agenda the morning after our arrival. I could not wait for him to get to meet Addy. We spent the morning at the nursing home and had a wonderful visit. Unfortunately and sadly, my Grandpa took a turn for the worse later in the afternoon Sunday and passed away Monday morning. I know that he waited for our visit and I’m glad he got to meet his Great-Granddaughter. My Grandpa will always be remembered for the laughter that follows him even his last few days.  It was so nice to see him before he passed and for him and Addy to meet, hopefully she’ll get some of his “funny gene” passed on to her.Great Grandpa-1

We had lots of hustle and bustle all week.  We ate, gathered, ran errands, and tried to rest.  I’m not sure if the all the commotion helped get over the jet lag quicker because we were forced to or made it worse. Jet lag by yourself as an adult is not fun, but its way worse when you are a nursing mother to a 5 month old.  By weeks end, we were back to our usual selves except Addy’s insatiable night time hunger. (Luckily, three weeks in we’re doing a bit better!)

Play Time and Cuddles!
IMG_0076 2 IMG_0078 2IMG_0086 2IMG_0089 2Bath Time!IMG_0100 2First Foods!IMG_0103 2Libby enjoyed this event!IMG_0105 2IMG_0108N&G-33N&G-34N&G-23N&G-24N&G-25

While home we took Addy on a Northwest Indiana food tour. We introduced her to some of our families favorite places. She didn’t get any tastes this time, but in our next visit I’m sure she will! First on the list was pizza from Arrenello’s. Sorry no pictures, but it’s deep dish pizza with a sweet crust.

Then, Butterfingers a local delicatessen bakery was brought over by one of our cousins. They have great ham and chicken salad, a turkey and cheese salad, and tasty bakery goods.

For lunch one day we headed to Madviks for some polish sausage. Madviks was my Dad and I’s lunch stop every Saturday growing up after a visit to Grandma’s near by.IMG_0068 2 IMG_0069 2 IMG_0074 2

Thursday nights dinner consisted of El Taco Real. This is a Mexican restaurant that our family has been going to for ages. My parents remember taking me there in my car seat just like we took Addy!

A shared lunch treat!IMG_0081 2 She slept through the whole lunch.IMG_0084 2

Our last stop was at Munster Donut Saturday morning. Growing up this was a Saturday morning breakfast stop with my Dad. I used to get a donut on a stick and orange drink. While they still have donuts on a stick(I opted for a more grown up donut), they don’t sell orange drink anymore! Bummer!IMG_0095 2 IMG_0096 2 IMG_0097 2

The last big event at my parents was a “Meet Addy” pizza party. My parents hosted a party at one of the local pizza places and many of our family and friends joined us to meet Addy. It was great to see everyone and introduce our little one to them. We can’t wait to see everyone when we are back in town next time!

She slept through some of her party. 
N&G-1 N&G-4 N&G-5 Baby Friends!N&G-12 N&G-14 N&G-1510443390_752456166624_8688825386621461868_n11060250_10102549392039918_8151149344364502272_nN&G-16 N&G-17N&G-19

As you can tell, we had a busy week. We honored my Grandfather on Friday, ate at many favorite restaurants, ran errands around town, and visited with family and friends. I can’t wait to share about our time in Lafayette next week!


Have a Northwest Indiana favorite food stop? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list for next time!



Addy: 5 Months

Our little leprechaun turned 5 months old at the beginning of the month.   It’s crazy how much she has experienced in life so far! Hopefully next week I’ll be able to share about our weeks back home in Indiana. Life has been pretty chaotic the last few weeks and I’ll try to sneak some time to hopefully edit pictures and blog. IMG_3007 IMG_3042 IMG_3096
IMG_2991 IMG_3002-2 IMG_3043 IMG_3062-2 IMG_3086