Addy: 4 Month

Happy Valentine’s Day from our Love Bug! 

Addy 4 Month-6

It’s hard to believe that Addy has already turned 4 months old. She continues to grow, change and of course amaze us every day. Here are some of her 4 month pictures I took this past weekend.Addy 4 Month-22Addy 4 Month-5Addy 4 Month-3Addy 4 Month-8 Addy 4 Month-14 Addy 4 Month-17 Addy 4 Month-18Addy 4 Month-30

She’s had a lot of firsts this past month with her biggest being her first visit to the States! She did a great job on the 24 hour flight. Getting over the jet lag, adjusting to cold weather and sleeping in a new place were hurdles, but over all it was a productive trip because we found a house! On the trip Addy even got to meet her Grandma for the first time, it was very exciting!

Unfortunately I haven’t taken many pictures this past month, but here are some iphone snaps. Enjoy!

Play TimeIMG_1153IMG_1083IMG_1075IMG_1073My First FlightIMG_1107Burr!
IMG_0019 2MatchingIMG_0038 2IMG_0016 2Boiler Up!IMG_0011She got to watch the Super Bowl for 5 minutes…she was in awe.IMG_0057 2Sun BathingIMG_1133Pool SelfieIMG_1139Play Time


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