Ready, Set, Go….We’re on the Move!

Addy’s packing her bags!Move-1

We are packing our bags and headed to Texas! Our family will be leaving Singapore on February 28th to head back to North America. We will be back in Indiana for a brief visit with family and friends before we make Houston our new home.

We actually had a last minute trip that we’ve not really mentioned about. We’ve been back in the US for the last two weeks and head back to Singapore tomorrow.Taylor needed to work in Fairfax and Addy and I followed along then headed to Houston to house hunt. I’ll share more about in a later post.

In the next few weeks we will be wrapping things up in Singapore and getting ready for our next adventure as a family. I have lots more to share about our adventures in Singapore,  but things may get a little busy and blogging may need to take a short break. I’ll try my best with updates, but I can’t make any guarantees!


3 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go….We’re on the Move!

  1. Houston has always been home for me, but sadly we had to move to Alabama this past October. Singapore most have been amazing! My husband and I have only been able to become accustomed to the airport this past summer when we eloped to Bali. Happiest of wishes for your big move!

  2. So glad to hear. Kuku and the other grandparents are thrilled that you will be in a city that is easier to get to. We may actually be able to visit and meet Addy.
    Happy packing and safe travel.

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