Addy: 3 Months

It’s hard to believe that our little girl is 3 months old already. Addy is growing by leaps and bounds and looks like a totally different little girl than a month ago. She enjoys playing on her play mat with her toys, sitting in her swing watching me cook(we call this her recliner), listening to stories, playing with Dad when he gets home from work, bath time and taking walks along the river. She loves many of her new toys from Christmas and currently reaches out and grabs on to them. Most toys are headed straight to her mouth for a taste. Her favorite toys are her snail and Elfie.

Here are the 3 month pictures that I took this last week. I hope you enjoy!

Addy 3 Month-1 Addy 3 Month-2Addy 3 Month-8Addy 3 Month-9Addy 3 Month-21Addy 3 Month-7Addy 3 Month-11Addy 3 Month-17Addy 3 Month-19Addy 3 Month-23Bath Time Fun with DadAddy 3 Month-24 Addy 3 Month-26 Addy 3 Month-27 Addy 3 Month-29 Addy 3 Month-28


3 thoughts on “Addy: 3 Months

    • Thanks Jacki! So far she’s won the Punnett square gene pool with those recessive blue eyes. We’ve read that they could possibly change colors sometime between 6 and 9 months. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen!

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