25 Days of Christmas: Christmas Eve & Day

ChristmasDay-9Merry Christmas!

Our family had a wonderful Christmas as a family of 3! Here is how we spent our last two days of our 25 days of Christmas adventure. I hope to continue this adventure in the years to come!

Day 24: Christmas Eve

Taylor worked a half a day and then came home to spend the rest of the day relaxing with us. Addy and I finished picking up groceries in the morning and came back home to play, relax and start cooking dinner. She was a great sous chef watching me do dinner prep from her swing!

When we came back from our grocery trip some little elves must have visited our house, we had an early present under our tree. We had Christmas Pajamas for the family and two books, Pajama Elves and The Night Before Christmas. Addy got through about two pages of each book, hopefully next year we can read a bit more before she loses interest!

Our Urgent Delivery from SantaChristmasDay-3

For dinner we had a turkey breast, cranberries, roasted broccoli, Aunt Lucy Bread, and sweet potatoes and wine from our New Zealand trip. It was great that I finally got to enjoy some of the wine from our trip!

Christmas Eve Dinner

After dinner, Addy got her Pajamas on and left some cookies out for Santa. Mom and Dad forgot to buy milk so she left out the extra wine for him. Hopefully he made it to his next stop safely!

Pajama TimeChristmasDay-5ChristmasDay-8ChristmasDay-9 Reading with DadChristmasDay-10

December 25th: Christmas Day

Addy woke around 7 AM and was excited to see what Santa left for her! Santa wrapped her presents in shiny silver paper. She loved it, I think she would have been happy just staring at the paper all day! We opened the presents in our stocking, Face-timed with family and then had breakfast. For breakfast, we had homemade cinnamon rolls, bacon and omelets.

Opening her Stocking
ChristmasDay-8Cinnamon RollsChristmasDay-3 ChristmasDay-4

After breakfast, Addy unwrapped three of her presents and then took her first nap of the morning. Taylor and I were both surprised at her reaction to all the gifts. In the last few days she has gained much more control of her hands and her vision and coordination is getting much better. She now grabs on to toys, watch us around the room, etc. Some of her reaction to the toys were priceless. She would touch it, smile, and giggle. I tried to capture it the best I could through pictures! After her nap, she ate and then we opened more presents and played. I think the morning was wearing her out and she took another nap. We ended up getting done with opening presents at 11:30. After lunch, we got out of our pajamas and headed to the pool! Addy got a little bit wetter than her first experience! The rest of the afternoon she ate, slept, and played the rest of the afternoon! I watched part of my favorite holiday movie before I started cooking dinner.

Crossfit Toys from DadChristmasDay-7 ChristmasDay-10She loved playing with the paper!

Nap TimeChristmasDay-5ChristmasDay-12 ChristmasDay-13 Nap Time, Again!ChristmasDay-14 ChristmasDay-15 ChristmasDay-16 ChristmasDay-17 Little Mermaid Ornament from Aunt Katie. She loved staring at this! (She has good taste, it’s Moms and Aunt Katie’s favorite Disney Princess!)ChristmasDay-18ChristmasDay-19ChristmasDay-20Nap Time Again!ChristmasDay-22One spoiled 12 week old! Thank you Santa and Grandparents!ChristmasDay-25ChristmasDay-26Family Pool SelfieChristmasPool-4Getting our Toes WetChristmasPool-2Playing with ToysChristmasPool-5ChristmasPool-7My Favorite Christmas MovieChristmasDay-23

For dinner we had beef fillet, scalloped potatoes, salad, broccoli, cranberries, and a sparkling red wine from Australia. It was a tasty meal!ChristmasDay-27

Addy had a wonderful first Christmas. She looks forward to hopefully spending her next Christmas surrounded by family and friends!

We hope all of you had a wonderful holiday, lots of love from Singapore!


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