25 Days of Christmas: Part Four

Here’s the latest of our Christmas activities. I’ll update you on our Christmas Eve and Christmas day this weekend. We hope everyone has a lovely holiday!

December 18th- Wrapping Presents

Addy and I wrapped Taylor’s Christmas presents. She watched and made sure I was an acceptable job. Presents-1

December 19th-Christmas Songs, River Walk and Christmas Market

Unfortunately this was rained out. We were suppose to walk down to the Singapore river where they have a lights display set up for the first time. There were going to be groups caroling and a Christmas market set up. We were a little bummed, but spent the evening together at home.

December 20th-Visit Santa

Addy met Santa for the first time! She slept the whole time we were in line and woke up when it was our turn to go next. It was a super speedy visit and Santa could not believe how easy it was to take her picture. He told her that she was the best baby that he had seen all year!

December 21st-Make Cookies

We made some more of our holiday favorites! We made peanut blossoms(Taylor’s favorite), sugar cookies and more Kolachky.Cookies-5 Cookies-4 Cookies-6

December 22nd-Orchard Road Christmas Lights

Unfortunately, this activity was rained out also. I did have an opportunity to take some pictures of Orchard take pictures when Katie and Andrew were here visiting. We only walked one block and were mesmerized with the amount of lights. It is way more over the top and abundant that we have back home. Each mall has its own theme along with the government sponsoring the main drag. I hope to get back out to take some pictures of the lights in the next few days. I know Addy would love to see them!

Orchard RoadOrchard Road Lights-1Elves FeetOrchard Road Lights-6 GiftsOrchard Road Lights-23 The Eiffel TourOrchard Road Lights-20Garland
Orchard Road Lights-18 Orchard Road Lights-16 Orchard Road Lights-13 Inside of A TreeOrchard Road Lights-10 Pink Unicorns Anyone?Orchard Road Lights-7

December 23rd-Aunt Lucy Bread

One of my favorite things about the holidays is a special bread that my Aunt Lucy used to make. Its a sweet raisin bread with a sweet cheese topping. She would make this bread for Christmas, Easter and sometimes special family events. She made this from her memory so after she passed away it was extremely hard to re-create. With help from family, I now have a recipe that turns out successfully more times than not and tastes just like hers!
Bread-1 Bread-2

What are your holiday plans?


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