25 Days of Christmas: Part Three

Here’s our latest holiday update!

December 11th: Make Ornaments

Making these ornaments was a family affair. Sorry that we don’t have any pictures of the process, but it took both of us to be involved in the project for it to be successful! These are salt dough ornaments that we pressed Addy’s hands and feet into. I painted a few to make them a bit more festive. I would love to continue doing this every year to see how she grows.Ornaments-1 Ornaments-2

December 12th: Read Holiday Stories

Both Taylor and I read Addy Christmas stories. We read them today and have been continuing to read them every day! The two stories we have are Little Blue Trucks’s Christmas and Biscuits Pet and Play Christmas. Addy enjoys them both!Story-1

December 13th: Gingerbread Houses

We had to get creative with our gingerbread house this year. Addy sat in her swing and watched as I built. She gave her approval on the build and design!GingerbreadHouse-1

December 14th: Make Toffee

Making Christmas toffee is a tradition in my family. Growing up, our house would always smell like toffee at the holidays. Moving to Singapore, I finally had the opportunity to make our family toffee in our own kitchen(yeah for a gas cook top!). Addy watched as I stirred and we created our delicious toffee!Toffee-1

December 15th: Hot Coco

Addy sat this activity out, really, she fell asleep for the night. Instead I got to sit down and relax and enjoy a lovely mug of mint hot chocolate and a piece of candy. It’s still strange to me to drink hot drinks in the hot Singapore weather, but it was sure tasty!hotchoc.-1

December 16th: Christmas Shopping

Addy and I hit Orchard Road shopping. We visited the department stores of Takashimaya and Robinisons and the walked through Paragon mall. We can’t spill the beans on what we bought! Sorry, no pictures either.

December 17th: Watch Christmas Movies

It was an overcast day around Singapore, so Addy and I hung around the house all day. It made the perfect day for a Christmas movie marathon. I did most of the watching since Addy doesn’t really watch tv. She played, slept, did her baby things while I picked up around the house, got dinner ready, did laundry, etc while holiday movies were playing. Thanks to Netflix and Mandy’s DVR there were a lot of choices! Our line up included White Christmas, Love Actually, Christmas with the Kranks, and Polar Express. I’m sure we’ll be watching some more classics in the net week.



3 thoughts on “25 Days of Christmas: Part Three

  1. I always enjoy reading your updates and seeing pics of Addy. Your toffee pic brings back great memories of Christmas with the Sutliffs and Koharkos. Glad to see you’re carrying on your grandparents’ tradition. Merry Christmas to all of you! Love, Gail

    • Thanks Gail! Toffee may be one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I’ve passed some out to friends here in Singapore and they can not get enough of it! Merry Christmas to you family!

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