25 Days of Christmas: Christmas Eve & Day

ChristmasDay-9Merry Christmas!

Our family had a wonderful Christmas as a family of 3! Here is how we spent our last two days of our 25 days of Christmas adventure. I hope to continue this adventure in the years to come!

Day 24: Christmas Eve

Taylor worked a half a day and then came home to spend the rest of the day relaxing with us. Addy and I finished picking up groceries in the morning and came back home to play, relax and start cooking dinner. She was a great sous chef watching me do dinner prep from her swing!

When we came back from our grocery trip some little elves must have visited our house, we had an early present under our tree. We had Christmas Pajamas for the family and two books, Pajama Elves and The Night Before Christmas. Addy got through about two pages of each book, hopefully next year we can read a bit more before she loses interest!

Our Urgent Delivery from SantaChristmasDay-3

For dinner we had a turkey breast, cranberries, roasted broccoli, Aunt Lucy Bread, and sweet potatoes and wine from our New Zealand trip. It was great that I finally got to enjoy some of the wine from our trip!

Christmas Eve Dinner

After dinner, Addy got her Pajamas on and left some cookies out for Santa. Mom and Dad forgot to buy milk so she left out the extra wine for him. Hopefully he made it to his next stop safely!

Pajama TimeChristmasDay-5ChristmasDay-8ChristmasDay-9 Reading with DadChristmasDay-10

December 25th: Christmas Day

Addy woke around 7 AM and was excited to see what Santa left for her! Santa wrapped her presents in shiny silver paper. She loved it, I think she would have been happy just staring at the paper all day! We opened the presents in our stocking, Face-timed with family and then had breakfast. For breakfast, we had homemade cinnamon rolls, bacon and omelets.

Opening her Stocking
ChristmasDay-8Cinnamon RollsChristmasDay-3 ChristmasDay-4

After breakfast, Addy unwrapped three of her presents and then took her first nap of the morning. Taylor and I were both surprised at her reaction to all the gifts. In the last few days she has gained much more control of her hands and her vision and coordination is getting much better. She now grabs on to toys, watch us around the room, etc. Some of her reaction to the toys were priceless. She would touch it, smile, and giggle. I tried to capture it the best I could through pictures! After her nap, she ate and then we opened more presents and played. I think the morning was wearing her out and she took another nap. We ended up getting done with opening presents at 11:30. After lunch, we got out of our pajamas and headed to the pool! Addy got a little bit wetter than her first experience! The rest of the afternoon she ate, slept, and played the rest of the afternoon! I watched part of my favorite holiday movie before I started cooking dinner.

Crossfit Toys from DadChristmasDay-7 ChristmasDay-10She loved playing with the paper!

Nap TimeChristmasDay-5ChristmasDay-12 ChristmasDay-13 Nap Time, Again!ChristmasDay-14 ChristmasDay-15 ChristmasDay-16 ChristmasDay-17 Little Mermaid Ornament from Aunt Katie. She loved staring at this! (She has good taste, it’s Moms and Aunt Katie’s favorite Disney Princess!)ChristmasDay-18ChristmasDay-19ChristmasDay-20Nap Time Again!ChristmasDay-22One spoiled 12 week old! Thank you Santa and Grandparents!ChristmasDay-25ChristmasDay-26Family Pool SelfieChristmasPool-4Getting our Toes WetChristmasPool-2Playing with ToysChristmasPool-5ChristmasPool-7My Favorite Christmas MovieChristmasDay-23

For dinner we had beef fillet, scalloped potatoes, salad, broccoli, cranberries, and a sparkling red wine from Australia. It was a tasty meal!ChristmasDay-27

Addy had a wonderful first Christmas. She looks forward to hopefully spending her next Christmas surrounded by family and friends!

We hope all of you had a wonderful holiday, lots of love from Singapore!


25 Days of Christmas: Part Four

Here’s the latest of our Christmas activities. I’ll update you on our Christmas Eve and Christmas day this weekend. We hope everyone has a lovely holiday!

December 18th- Wrapping Presents

Addy and I wrapped Taylor’s Christmas presents. She watched and made sure I was an acceptable job. Presents-1

December 19th-Christmas Songs, River Walk and Christmas Market

Unfortunately this was rained out. We were suppose to walk down to the Singapore river where they have a lights display set up for the first time. There were going to be groups caroling and a Christmas market set up. We were a little bummed, but spent the evening together at home.

December 20th-Visit Santa

Addy met Santa for the first time! She slept the whole time we were in line and woke up when it was our turn to go next. It was a super speedy visit and Santa could not believe how easy it was to take her picture. He told her that she was the best baby that he had seen all year!

December 21st-Make Cookies

We made some more of our holiday favorites! We made peanut blossoms(Taylor’s favorite), sugar cookies and more Kolachky.Cookies-5 Cookies-4 Cookies-6

December 22nd-Orchard Road Christmas Lights

Unfortunately, this activity was rained out also. I did have an opportunity to take some pictures of Orchard take pictures when Katie and Andrew were here visiting. We only walked one block and were mesmerized with the amount of lights. It is way more over the top and abundant that we have back home. Each mall has its own theme along with the government sponsoring the main drag. I hope to get back out to take some pictures of the lights in the next few days. I know Addy would love to see them!

Orchard RoadOrchard Road Lights-1Elves FeetOrchard Road Lights-6 GiftsOrchard Road Lights-23 The Eiffel TourOrchard Road Lights-20Garland
Orchard Road Lights-18 Orchard Road Lights-16 Orchard Road Lights-13 Inside of A TreeOrchard Road Lights-10 Pink Unicorns Anyone?Orchard Road Lights-7

December 23rd-Aunt Lucy Bread

One of my favorite things about the holidays is a special bread that my Aunt Lucy used to make. Its a sweet raisin bread with a sweet cheese topping. She would make this bread for Christmas, Easter and sometimes special family events. She made this from her memory so after she passed away it was extremely hard to re-create. With help from family, I now have a recipe that turns out successfully more times than not and tastes just like hers!
Bread-1 Bread-2

What are your holiday plans?

25 Days of Christmas: Part Three

Here’s our latest holiday update!

December 11th: Make Ornaments

Making these ornaments was a family affair. Sorry that we don’t have any pictures of the process, but it took both of us to be involved in the project for it to be successful! These are salt dough ornaments that we pressed Addy’s hands and feet into. I painted a few to make them a bit more festive. I would love to continue doing this every year to see how she grows.Ornaments-1 Ornaments-2

December 12th: Read Holiday Stories

Both Taylor and I read Addy Christmas stories. We read them today and have been continuing to read them every day! The two stories we have are Little Blue Trucks’s Christmas and Biscuits Pet and Play Christmas. Addy enjoys them both!Story-1

December 13th: Gingerbread Houses

We had to get creative with our gingerbread house this year. Addy sat in her swing and watched as I built. She gave her approval on the build and design!GingerbreadHouse-1

December 14th: Make Toffee

Making Christmas toffee is a tradition in my family. Growing up, our house would always smell like toffee at the holidays. Moving to Singapore, I finally had the opportunity to make our family toffee in our own kitchen(yeah for a gas cook top!). Addy watched as I stirred and we created our delicious toffee!Toffee-1

December 15th: Hot Coco

Addy sat this activity out, really, she fell asleep for the night. Instead I got to sit down and relax and enjoy a lovely mug of mint hot chocolate and a piece of candy. It’s still strange to me to drink hot drinks in the hot Singapore weather, but it was sure tasty!hotchoc.-1

December 16th: Christmas Shopping

Addy and I hit Orchard Road shopping. We visited the department stores of Takashimaya and Robinisons and the walked through Paragon mall. We can’t spill the beans on what we bought! Sorry, no pictures either.

December 17th: Watch Christmas Movies

It was an overcast day around Singapore, so Addy and I hung around the house all day. It made the perfect day for a Christmas movie marathon. I did most of the watching since Addy doesn’t really watch tv. She played, slept, did her baby things while I picked up around the house, got dinner ready, did laundry, etc while holiday movies were playing. Thanks to Netflix and Mandy’s DVR there were a lot of choices! Our line up included White Christmas, Love Actually, Christmas with the Kranks, and Polar Express. I’m sure we’ll be watching some more classics in the net week.


25 Days of Christmas: Part Two

Here’s part two of our 25 Days of Christmas Celebrations!

December 4th: Decorating

We decked the house out in the Christmas spirit. Once again, we have a Charlie Brown tree. It’s from Ikea and Taylor picked it up last week after work before they sold out. I swear they ship all the Charlie Brown trees from the US here. Since most of our decorations are in storage some place in the US were using the decorations that I bought last year, Katie sent over last year, and things that my mom bought and sent over. We went with tropical colors on our tree. I figured when you live near the equator and it is in the 90s every day in December why not!

Our TableTreeandDecor-1 TreeandDecor-3…Our stockings are hung by the kitchen counter with care…TreeandDecor-4 Entry WayTreeandDecor-5Our Charlie Brown TreeTreeandDecor-26Having fun!TreeandDecor-28Santa, I’m ready for you!TreeandDecor-7Mesmorized!TreeandDecor-13

December 5th: Dear Santa Letter

Addy wrote her first dear Santa letter. It’s been delivered and she is patiently waiting to visit Mr. Claus in the next few weeks.Dear Santa

December 6th:Addy Christmas Pictures

Our little munchin’ is a trooper and puts up with my crazy photography ideas.

AddyChristmas-37 AddyChristmas-25 AddyChristmas-21 AddyChristmas-16 AddyChristmas-2 AddyChristmas Shoot

December 7th: Family Christmas Photo and Cards

We headed to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for a quick outing to attempt a family picture. We got a bit of a later start than we would have liked and it was HOT! I’d say our pictures turned out ok.I quickly came home and edited the pictures and uploaded to snapfish to create our card before the promotional sale they had going ended.   Here’s some that didn’t make the final cut. You’ll have to wait until you get your card in the mail for the official picture.

Family-3A friend we saw!Family-5 Mom and AddyFamily-6 Decorations at the Botanic GardensFamily-9 Dad and AddyFamily-8

December 8th: Baking Cookies

Addy and I spent the day baking. We only made two kinds, but it did take all day. We’d have to stop, eat, play, and nap. Overall, she is a great baker! She liked hanging out in her chair watching me in the back and watching the kitchen aid spin. We made chocolate chips cookies and kolachy(cream cheese and raspberry filling). A big thanks to my mom and Katie as they purchased(from Ultra!) and brought over the filling. Kolachy are my favorite Christmas cookie.  We’ll be making more cookies throughout the month.

Hanging with Mom in the Kitchen

Cookies-1IMG_0974Chocolate ChipCookies-2KolachyCookies-3

December 9th: Be Giving

Being in the giving spirit this holiday Addy and I donated books. We dropped our donation off at the American Club and the books were being donated to two different charities here in Singapore.  I wish we could do more, but have had to keep it pretty simple this year.  We look forward to doing more community outreach and service work as a family, especially as Addy gets older. IMG_0975

December 10th: Host a Party

Addy and I had some of the mothers and babies over from a group that we meet up with on a regular occasion. We loved having the ladies over! We had coffee,tea, juices, cookies, fruit and vegetables (pinterest project!) and others brought goodies to share also.

Veggie Tray-FYI Super EASY!
untitled-11Food at the Tableuntitled-13Drinks at the Counteruntitled-14

25 Days of Christmas: Part One

Our family is getting into the holiday spirit! We will be spending this holiday season as a family of three in Singapore. Unfortunately we are not able to make the trip back home and have no travel plans. It will be great to spend our first Christmas holiday with Addy at our home.

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because of fun festivities and family traditions. It can sometimes be hard to get in the festive season when it’s 90 degrees out each day in Singapore, hence our December project. We are celebrating the 25 days leading up to Christmas with fun activities. Some activities are Singapore specific, others are family traditions and some are just traditional Christmas activities. Some things Addy and I will be doing while Taylor is at work and others we will be doing as a family in the evening or on the weekends. I’ll share each week our holiday adventures. We hope you enjoy!

December 1st: Gardens by the Bay

To get into the holiday spirit we started off with visiting Gardens by the Bay. Katie and Andrew joined Addy and I on an evening adventure. Going here exceeded our holiday expectations! The decorations and lights were amazing. We started off by visiting the cloud forest and flower domes then headed outdoors to explore. We wondered around the park until dusk where we headed to the Super Tree Grove where there was a Christmas village set up. We ate dinner and waited for the light show. The show was set to Christmas music. We all loved it, especially Addy. She was mesmerized. After the light show we waited around for the snow fall. It was magical! It almost felt like we were back home, only the shorts and tank tops brought us back to reality. Walking back to the taxi stand we observed more magical Christmas lights.

Christmas Village
ChristmasGBTB-64 Indoor TreesChristmasGBTB-6 ChristmasGBTB-8 Addy loved the warmth of the fire!ChristmasGBTB-13Reindeer
ChristmasGBTB-25 SnowmenChristmasGBTB-30 FrostyChristmasGBTB-31 ChristmasGBTB-42 SantaChristmasGBTB-37 Lights and and the Super TreesChristmasGBTB-45 ChristmasGBTB-49 Everybody was enjoying the show!ChristmasGBTB-48 ChristmasGBTB-50 ChristmasGBTB-52 ChristmasGBTB-58 ChristmasGBTB-61ChristmasGBTB-55Dancing to the Christmas MusicChristmasGBTB-62Christmas VilliageChristmasGBTB-63ChristmasGBTB-65ChristmasGBTB-74ChristmasGBTB-88ChristmasGBTB-81

December 2nd: Botanic Gardens

Our next adventure was the Botanic Gardens on Tuesday morning. The orchid garden was decked out in the holiday spirit. IMG_0928 2 IMG_0929 2 IMG_0930 2 IMG_0932 2 IMG_0933 2 IMG_0934 2 IMG_0935 2

December 3rd: Christmas Craft

Last night was pinterest project night around our house. With Katie’s help we created Mistletoes. Addy has very ticklish feet so she did not enjoy the paint on her toes, but quickly got over that as soon as the project was completed. ChristmasGBTB-1 ChristmasGBTB-4ChristmasGBTB-17Mistletoes-2Mistletoes-1