Guest Post: Katie and Andrew

We have a guest post from our visitors, Katie and Andrew! Today will be an introduction, but later their visit they will share some of there experiences in Asia. If you have any questions for them, leave it in the comments box (13)

How do you know Mary and Taylor? Why did you decide to visit them?

Katie : Mary is my cousin (don’t ask us how we are related) and is more like a sister. I met Taylor in college, while visiting Purdue one weekend.

Andrew: I know Mary and Taylor through Katie.

Where are you traveling from?

We are traveling from Carmel, IN.

How long are you staying in Singapore?

We are staying in Asia for 2 weeks. We are staying with Mary, Taylor and Addy for about 8 days.

Do you plan to travel anywhere else while visiting?

We do have a side trip planned to Khao Lak, Thailand. Andrew has a cousin that lives there, so we are going to try and visit him at his restaurant, The World Famous Rusty Pelican. We are staying at a resort on the coastline and hope to go snorkeling, enjoy the beach and soak up some sunshine while taking in a great Thai massage.

How was your flight?

Our flight was good. We flew IND-LAX-HKG-SIN. Lesson learned, if you are flying international through LAX remember you have to change/walk to an entirely different airport. Luckily while we were in line for security, we were pulled aside and rushed through the line to then run to our gate and be one of the last few to board.

What are your first impressions of Singapore?

Climate is very tropical, it feels nice to get away from the snow in Indiana!  Flying over the bay was incredible to see all the boats queued for offloading.  After we arrived, we walked Orchard Road – it was incredible to see the sheer number of malls and stores, especially the high end fashion. Shopping and eating out seem to be the two most popular activities in Singapore. There is also a lot of construction going on – high rises everywhere and more being built.

What are you looking forward to while visiting?

We are looking forward to experiencing the culture – from food to architecture to people. Of course, we were also looking forward to meeting Addy.


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