Week 7

week7-1Addy is 7 weeks today! She is continuing to amaze us each day. We love all of her facial expressions, especially her big smiles.  She continues to love playing on her play mat. She is starting to track objects with her eyes a lot better and get her arms and legs moving. She is a pro at tummy time and lifting and turning her head. This week, she’s gotten to spend a lot more time with Daddy! This past weekend, Taylor shifted back to days and his hours are a tad bit manageable. We also had an exciting night this week as parents, Addy slept from 8pm to 3 am and then fell back asleep quickly unitl 6:45! While I don’t have the highest hopes that this will be a nightly occurrence, every once in a while will sure be nice. This week she also had a doctors appointment and had her shots. She didn’t enjoy it very much and I’m thankful that a few days ago she started to take a pacifier. The pacifier helped with her wailing and squawking and she eventually fell asleep.

Length: 22.6 inches

Weight:  10 pounds 14 oz

Keep checking the blog this weekend for an update from Kuku and another guest post introduction from visitors which arrive in the morning.


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