Life as Addy

Here’s a recap of what Addy’s day to day life if like(and Mom and Dads)! This is from last Tuesday and Wednesday. We have days that are super busy with things and days that we stay in our jammies. I forgot to take a lot of pictures on Wednesday because we were so busy.

6:45 AM Addy wakes up eats, we have a diaper change and spend some time cuddling in her room. She decides she’s headed to bed again, so I head back to my own bed!

Eating and Napping

7:50 AM I wake up for the day.

8:00 AM Addy wakes up and we play and cuddle. As Addy is waking up, Kuku heads out on his adventure to the zoo

Good Morning!IMG_0812

8:20 AM Addy eats, again.  After she’s done she plays on her play mat while I cook my breakfast.

Play Time

8:45 AM I eat my breakfast.

BreakfastIMG_0815 Addy gets fussy so she ends up on my lap while I eat.IMG_0816

9:00 AM We both get dressed for the day.

9:15 AM Taylor gets home from work. Addy cuddles with her dad while I get last nights dinner ready for Taylor to eat.

Dad TimeIMG_0817

9:45 AM Taylor heads to bed. Addy wants to eat again. We do a diaper change and then head off on a walk along the river. We walk a little bit over 2 hours and then stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things.

On our WalkIMG_0818

11:00 AM We get back and cool off. Addy is still sleeping a bit from the walk so I put her in her crib and I unpack the groceries and do some dishes. s

11:15 AM Addy is hungry again. She eats, we change a diaper and play a bit. We read a story and have some tummy time.

Story TimeIMG_0822Tummy TimeIMG_0821

11:45 AM All of that activity made her hungry again! This time she falls asleep and I put her in her crib to nap.

12:20 PM I grabbed a quick snack of ham slices and trail mix and  head to the shower. Addy resisted sleeping and cried most of my shower.(Sorry Taylor!) After I was done I rocked her a bit and she fell fast asleep.

12:50 PM I work on laundry and make my self some lunch, some of last nights leftovers. I end up relaxing for a bit catching up on last weeks tv shows.


1:20 PM Addy wakes up and we have the usual feed and diaper change. We cuddle for a bit and talk and then she falls asleep again.

1:40 PM I put Addy in her swing to sleep.IMG_0829 3:45 PM Addy wakes up hungry, she eats and we do a diaper change.

4:00 PM Taylor wakes up for work and showers and Kuku returns home from his adventure at the zoo.

4:15 PM Addy is sleeping again! I start cooking Taylor’s breakfast.

4:30 PM Addy wakes up and has some play time with Taylor.  IMG_0831
4:45 PM Taylor eats his food. Addy plays with KuKu and then takes a nap.

5:45 PM Addy wakes up, eats and has a diaper change.

6:00 PM It’s bath and Jammy time for Addy. She loves her bath time!

Bath Time!IMG_0832

6:15 PM Addy has some more play time on her play mat. We gives kisses to Taylor as he heads off to work for the night. IMG_08376:30 PM KuKu starts making dinner.

6:45 PM Addy become Miss Fussy pants. She gets fussy so we walk and sing around the apartment.

7:00 PM Once again,  someone wants to eat and for a change it’s not me! Addy has a quick feed and sits and relaxes with us.

7:20 PM Kuku and I  eat  our dinner.

7:35 PM I get Addy ready for bed with diaper change, she eats and then I rock her to sleep. We get a quick Facetime with Nana so we talk and rock at the same time. Miss Fussy Pants returns as Addy is overtired and fights falling asleep. She dozes on and off, but does not fall into a deep sleep.

8:10 PM Addy goes into her crib and falls asleep.

8:20 PM I head to bed.

8:45 PM Addy starts to fuss around in her crib. She must be having a bad dream because her eyes closed, but she squawks and moves around.  I watch on the monitor from bed.

8:52 PM She falls back asleep.

9:00 PM Taylor calls to check on us and say good night.

12:30 AM Addy wakes up hungry. I change her diaper, but in the process she managed to pee all over herself and the changing pad. I change her PJs and the changing pad cover. She eats for 10 minutes and I hold her a few more minutes then put her back her back to bed.

New PJs and I’m passed out!IMG_0838

4:14 AM I wake up to make sure she’s still sleeping. A quick check of the monitor that she’s passed out still and I fall back asleep.

4:45 AM Addy wakes up and is WIDE awake. We change her diaper and she eats for 10 minutes and stays wide awake.

5:45 AM I put Addy back in crib and she plays around a bit and eventually falls asleep. I watch her from the baby monitor in our room.

7:45 AM Addy wakes up. We do the usual diaper change, eat and cuddle.

8:25 AM Taylor comes home and Addy and him play. I get Taylor’s food ready and we all relax on the couch together. I eat a quick bowl of oatmeal.

9:00 AM Taylor heads to bed.

9:25 AM Addy and I get ready for the day. Addy eats, we do a diaper change and get our clothes on.

9:45 AM Addy and I head out on an adventure. We meet some friends for coffee on Orchard Road. We walk and take the MRT there. It’s great to get out of the house!

11:30 AM Kuku meets up with us and we do a little shopping around the mall.

12:00 PM We eat lunch at a burger place in the ION mall.

12:45 PM Addy eats and we do a diaper change in the baby room in the mall. I  put Addy in baby carrier and we all head to the american club for a shopping fair. We buy lots of fun stuff!IMG_0842

2:30 PM We all head home from our shopping. Addy slept the whole time. We were planning on walking the whole way home for exercise, but it started to rain.  We were lucky to jump on the train and take it one stop, but we still had to walk a bit and got stuck in the down pour. Addy didn’t mind then rain!

3:00 PM Addy eats and then plays on her play mat.IMG_0843

4:00 PM Taylor gets up. I cook him his breakfast while he showers and then plays with Addy. Kuku runs to the grocery store to stock up on thing for dinner.

5:45 PM I take a quick shower while Taylor is playing with Addy.  Kuku  starts dinner.

6:15 PM Taylor leaves for work. Addy falls asleep in her swing.

6:30 PM Kuku and I eat dinner. After dinner I do some work on the computer and around the house while Addy is still asleep.
7:30 PM Addy wakes up, she eats I change her diaper and she is in her PJs .We cuddle in her room for a bit and she falls back asleep for the night.

That’s about 2 days in the life of Addy! In summary, she likes her naps and loves eating!

Addy Update:

Our little one is 6 weeks old today! She grows and changes more and more every day. She is smiling and “talking” a lot more each day. She has enjoyed her guests Kuku and Uncle Ryan (I’ll update on our newest guest soon!). Next week we go to the doctor so I can not wait to see how much she weighs and how long she is. AddyWeek6


9 thoughts on “Life as Addy

  1. Isn’t it funny how the days all seem to run together in 3 hour increments?

    Looks like you’re doing a great job momma! Keep up the good work 🙂

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