Our Thanksgiving Feast

This year our family has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We are thankful for the opportunities living abroad we have had, our family and friends and of course, the newest addition to our family. We celebrated our Thanksgiving feast on Saturday night with Katie and Andrew. We had a nice and relaxing day hanging out as a family and we all pitched in to cook all the fabulous food we had. Here are some pictures from throughout the weekend.

Andrew brined the TurkeyThanksgiving2014-3 Thanksgiving2014-6Thanksgiving2014-7

Saturday morning we all woke up to a wonderful breakfast. We had a pumpkin french toast, apple date fritta, apple cake, fresh fruit and juice. Addy of course had milk.

Thanksgiving2014-11Thanksgiving2014-7-2Katie and I got to work. I made pumpkin pies and Katie made biscuits.


Pumpkin Pies!
Thanksgiving2014-14Addy relaxed and watched…Thanksgiving2014-19

Then, we tried to get some exercise and play time in for the day. We tried to take Addy into the pool for the first time. We got into our bathing suits successfully, but someone got a little overtired and cranky by the time we made it to the pool. Addy dipped her toes in, but then proceeded to fall asleep in Taylor’s arms. We were outside for about 20 minutes. We’ll try again next time!

Dressed and ready to go!
untitled-1Family Shotuntitled-1-2Dipping our Toes
untitled-4-2Cranky Pantsuntitled-5Sleepinguntitled-11

Once our pool excursion was over we headed back to our house and got the turkey ready for the grill, relaxed and eventually started cooking the other sides. Thanksgiving2014-28 Thanksgiving2014-30Addy relaxed and watched the adults do all the work. Thanksgiving2014-40

Our Thanksgiving TableThanksgiving2014-44 Someone was mad that dinner was a tad delayed.Thanksgiving2014-48The Turkey
Thanksgiving2014-50Our Thanksgiving Day Family Picture
Thanksgiving2014-68 Our FoodThanksgiving2014-71

Our feast included turkey, stuffing, broccoli, mashed potatoes and gravey, cranberries, rolls with homemade strawberry jelly and wine from our trip to New Zealand.


Take a guess who’s piece of pie this is….Taylor’s. Thanksgiving2014-77 Thanksgiving2014-79

We loved having Katie and Andrew here to help us celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Addy thought is was pretty terrific too!

Stay tuned for this coming weeks blog posts. Katie and Andrew will be updating you on their exciting travels and Taylor, Addy and I have some exciting things planned for December!


Happy Turkey Day!

Our little Turkey wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We will be celebrating the holiday this weekend and I’ll be sure to post about our festivities. Be sure to check the blog at the beginning of the week!Week8-17Addy Update-

Week8She’s 8 weeks old today! She continues to grow and amaze us. Addy is doing a great job sleeping this past week going in 5-7 hour stretches. During the day, she is much more aware of her surroundings and enjoys taking it all in. Recently, she started to roll on her side while playing on the floor. She is starting to grow a bit more hair, but the top of her head is slow to catch up with the rest! Also, it may be hard to tell from the pictures, but her eyes are still blue! Going forward, I’m going to be updating on Addy’s progress monthly or if any exciting milestones happen. Week8-8 Week8-5 Week8-3 Week8-11Here are the pictures put together from the last 8 weeks!2 Months


Kuku Update

Here is an update from Brent on his time in Sinagpore. It was great to have him here visiting and helping. We greatly appreciate all of his help and we don’t know how we would have survived without him! I know he enjoyed spending time with his granddaughter and exploring in Asia. In this post, Brent will update you on his exciting adventures over the last week.

Wow! Where to begin. I have been having such a fantastic time with Taylor, Mary, and Addy since my last post. In addition, my other son, Ryan came to join us for several days. Many of the days we took Addy for a stroll, cuddled Addy, shopped and did daily chores. I decided Mary is a fun person to shop with. Usually I’m not much of a shopper but Mary has good ideas about what to buy. We always had good food too.

Here are some of the highlights of the past several weeks:
Ryan came to visit. We got together with a good family friend, Colin, who was born 1 day after Ryan. Colin lives in Singapore and he took us to the northern part of the island. He is a history teacher in Singapore so was able to provide lots of information about Singapore. We went to the cemetery honoring those that sacrificed their lives in World War II. It was very beautiful peaceful place. We then went to some of the wetlands in the northern part of Singapore and saw 5 foot monitor lizards. They were incredible. We were caught in a torrential downpour with thunder like I’ve never heard before. It was fun to have Colin join us all for dinner that night. It was when Taylor had off so he was able to join us for a great night. I took a great pictures of the cemetery and lizards but now can’t find them!
Ryan and I ventured out one evening. We went for satays with peanut sauce at the Lau Pau Sat market with cheap pitchers of beer. Vendors cook prawns, chicken, and beef/lamb kabobs on the street over charcoal. They are delicious. We then went to visit the Merlion, the symbol of Singapore. If you ever get to Singapore, go down to the waterfront at night. When the buildings are all lit up, it’s pretty incredible.Untitled9

One day, Ryan and I went to Pu Lau Ubin, a Singapore island north of the main island. You take these old bum boats for a 20 minute ride to Pu Lau Ubin. It is very rural and supposed to be like what Singapore was like before it became an urban environment. We rented bikes and explored the island. We saw wild pigs, monkeys, and I ran over a 6 foot snake on my bike by mistake. Lots of really cool vegetation. There are little Buddhist shrines around the island too.Untitled11 22

I have a very good friend, Rick, that lives and works in Thailand. Since it is only a 2 hour plane ride to Bangkok, I went to visit him over a long weekend. If you ever get a chance to visit Thailand, do it. It is a night and day contrast from Singapore.   While Singapore is a very modern, clean, organized, safe city, Thailand is a different experience. My first impression of Bangkok is a very chaotic, crazy place. Steam seems to rise from dark alleys brimming with people cooking at tin shack stalls along the street. A rat runs across the street. It’s almost like a scene out of one of the Batman movies of Gotham City! But amongst all of this is a gourmet French restaurant Rick takes me too. It is such a cool experience. Rick is a wonderful host and we had a great time. We stayed at the Sheraton with a wonderful view of the river that runs through Bangkok. The first day we stayed in Bangkok and visited a Buddhist temple with a huge reclining Buddha. We explored the river using the river taxis and shopped at the incredible Chatachuk open air market. They had everything imaginable to buy. We then drove two hours south to his house and had an incredible seafood dinner on the beach. The next day we woke up early and spent the day on a boat that took us off the coast among these beautiful deserted islands and went snorkeling. What a fun day with fish and sights that I’ll never forget.57 6338

Lots of fun times with my visit to Taylor, Mary, and Addy. Lots of great memories that I will never forget. One of the BEST memories is when I was kissing Addy good bye when I was leaving for the airport to return home. I told her I loved her and she looked into my eyes and gave me the biggest smile imaginable. What a memory that is!

How was the jet lag?  Is it as bad as its cracked up to be?  What’s the best way to deal with it?

Jet lag takes a while to get used to.  It’s not too bad as I was excited to see everybody.  Best way to deal with it, is try to stay up as long as you can until normal bed time.

 What climate in the USA would you most compare Singapore too?  Why?

I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced anything like Singapore to the USA.  People say Florida in the summer is similar – Hot sunshine and 500% humidity.

What’s the deal with driving on the wrong side of the road?  

I’ve almost been run over several times since being here when crossing the road.  You learn to look to your right when crossing the street – then the left – pretty quickly.

 What’s been the coolest thing you’ve seen in Singapore?  Most surprising?  That’s an easy answer.  Addy has been the coolest!  Addy has been the most surprising too.  You never know what she’s going to do.  She has really grown in this past month.  I’m sure I won’t recognize her when I see her next after I leave.  She is growing up so quickly.  You can stick your tongue out at her and she sticks it out back at you!  Very advanced Granddaughter!


 If you could change one thing about your Singapore experience so far, what would it be? 

Nothing.  I’ve had a great time.


 What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen/experienced so far? 

I took a long weekend and flew to Bangkok.  The difference between Thailand and Singapore is like night and day.   Singapore is like being in the USA.  Thailand is like being in a completely different culture.


  What’s been the best “Asian” eating experience that you have had? 

I do like the Hawker centers.  Taylor and Mary think I am crazy – but I did find these pan fried dumplings at a Hawker Center in Chinatown.  I’m going back there today to have them one last time.  Another favorite has been the Tiong Bahru bakery.  They have the most amazing chocolate croissants.  Not really “Asian” – but I got them in Asia!

Final thoughts: 

It will be sad to leave.  I’ve had so much fun with Taylor, Mary, and Addy.  In addition my other son, Ryan, came over, as well as seeing several good family friends.  Met a lot of wonderful people too.


Guest Post: Katie and Andrew

We have a guest post from our visitors, Katie and Andrew! Today will be an introduction, but later their visit they will share some of there experiences in Asia. If you have any questions for them, leave it in the comments box below.photo (13)

How do you know Mary and Taylor? Why did you decide to visit them?

Katie : Mary is my cousin (don’t ask us how we are related) and is more like a sister. I met Taylor in college, while visiting Purdue one weekend.

Andrew: I know Mary and Taylor through Katie.

Where are you traveling from?

We are traveling from Carmel, IN.

How long are you staying in Singapore?

We are staying in Asia for 2 weeks. We are staying with Mary, Taylor and Addy for about 8 days.

Do you plan to travel anywhere else while visiting?

We do have a side trip planned to Khao Lak, Thailand. Andrew has a cousin that lives there, so we are going to try and visit him at his restaurant, The World Famous Rusty Pelican. We are staying at a resort on the coastline and hope to go snorkeling, enjoy the beach and soak up some sunshine while taking in a great Thai massage.

How was your flight?

Our flight was good. We flew IND-LAX-HKG-SIN. Lesson learned, if you are flying international through LAX remember you have to change/walk to an entirely different airport. Luckily while we were in line for security, we were pulled aside and rushed through the line to then run to our gate and be one of the last few to board.

What are your first impressions of Singapore?

Climate is very tropical, it feels nice to get away from the snow in Indiana!  Flying over the bay was incredible to see all the boats queued for offloading.  After we arrived, we walked Orchard Road – it was incredible to see the sheer number of malls and stores, especially the high end fashion. Shopping and eating out seem to be the two most popular activities in Singapore. There is also a lot of construction going on – high rises everywhere and more being built.

What are you looking forward to while visiting?

We are looking forward to experiencing the culture – from food to architecture to people. Of course, we were also looking forward to meeting Addy.

Week 7

week7-1Addy is 7 weeks today! She is continuing to amaze us each day. We love all of her facial expressions, especially her big smiles.  She continues to love playing on her play mat. She is starting to track objects with her eyes a lot better and get her arms and legs moving. She is a pro at tummy time and lifting and turning her head. This week, she’s gotten to spend a lot more time with Daddy! This past weekend, Taylor shifted back to days and his hours are a tad bit manageable. We also had an exciting night this week as parents, Addy slept from 8pm to 3 am and then fell back asleep quickly unitl 6:45! While I don’t have the highest hopes that this will be a nightly occurrence, every once in a while will sure be nice. This week she also had a doctors appointment and had her shots. She didn’t enjoy it very much and I’m thankful that a few days ago she started to take a pacifier. The pacifier helped with her wailing and squawking and she eventually fell asleep.

Length: 22.6 inches

Weight:  10 pounds 14 oz

Keep checking the blog this weekend for an update from Kuku and another guest post introduction from visitors which arrive in the morning.