Trick or Treat?!?

Happy Halloween!

Our ‘Lil Pumpkin’ has enjoyed her first Halloween!Halloween-6

I love everything about fall and have many great memories of Halloween growing up. I hope that my daughter can also have the same great memories. Since it doesn’t really feel very fall like in Singapore, we’ve tried our best to create a festive atmosphere by buying pumpkins and baking fall treats.

Pumpkin Donuts

We started our celebration on Monday at our first Halloween party. Addy and I attend a party hosted by a group from the American Women’s Association here in Singapore. We made some delicious pumpkin pie rice krispy treats(here’s the recipe) to take and joined other mothers and babies born in 2014. It was great to get out and about and talk to other moms!

Heading to our PartyHalloween-1

We purchased pumpkins. Check out this price I paid for this pumpkin! Yes, I’m crazy, but Addy couldn’t have a Halloween without a pumpkin! Talk about sticker shock! We are not going to carve this pumpkin because it will be spoiled within hours. Hopefully, uncarved we can use it as a Thanksgiving decoration too!Halloween-5

Growing up, I have fond memories of Halloween because of my Aunt Lucy. Every year she would make my Halloween costume. The memories of being a cowboy, clown, witch, and little mermaid in her homemade costumes are priceless. When picking up my costume Aunt Lucy would always have mini pumpkin pies waiting as a treat. I loved these pies! It was always fun to meet my other cousins at Aunt Lucy’s to show off our costumes and pick up our yummy pies. This year, Taylor’s parents- Kuku and Grandma, helped us to carry on the traditions. Becki made Addy’s adorable costume(she is a great sewer!) and Brent(he makes a great pie crust!) helped us make mini pumpkin pies. Instead of trick or treating this year, Addy delivered some mini pumpkin pies to our friends here in Singapore.

Mini Pumpkin PiesHalloween-3

Here are some blast from the past pictures of me as a child in my Halloween costumes!

A Witch

scan0010 (2) Little Mermaidscan0011 A Clownscan0017 (2) Ballerina on a Unicorn(I think that’s what you would call it!)scan0068

 Here are more festive shots of Addy!

Halloween-4Nanna and Grumps(I mean Gramps!), she really did enjoy her card even if her expression doesn’t show it!Halloween-12 Halloween-11 Halloween-10 Halloween-14

Addy Update-

We hit the 4 week mark yesterday and Addy continues to amaze us. This week she has started to find her voice by making lots of new noises and sounds. We can tell her vision is getting better as she  loves playing and looking at things on her play mat. We attempted to introduce Addy to a bottle of breast milk. It has been a process and she drinks some from it, but we still need some more time until its completely successful. Addy loves her new baby carrier, it took two tries of finding one that she liked in the Singapore heat. Hopefully the baby carrier will make it easier for us to run errands to the store without having to take the stroller. Overall, we had a really busy week and went on many outings since we had Kuku’s help on the outings and around the house. We both really enjoyed getting out and about!AddyWeek4-1

We have official documents making us a US Citizen!American-100 American-104


3 thoughts on “Trick or Treat?!?

  1. It was very nice to meet Addy and Kuku the other day at the fair! Doesn’t it feel great to use the word, “My daughter…”! I’m so happy for you and your family Mary!

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