Be Our Guest: Kuku

Today we have a guest post from our visitor, Kuku (Aka, Brent)! Today will be an introduction, but he will  share some his Singapore experiences in the coming weeks.  If you have any questions for him, leave it in the comments box below. We hope you enjoy his posts!

How do you know Mary, Taylor and Addy? Why did you decide to visit them?  Well, Taylor is my son so I remember him when he was Addy’s age, Mary is my wonderful daughter-in-law, and Addy is my new (first time) grandchild.  I decided to visit them because we got what sounded like a desperate email for help.  While we’re all excited about the birth of Addy, it could not have come at a worst time. Taylor has been working on a project at work.  Up until the birth of Addy, the project was mostly conceptual and planning.  Right when Addy was born, the project went into its implementation mode which meant Taylor needed to start working 14 hour days without any days off.   He just works, eats, and sleeps pretty much.  Mary was alone most of the time.  And that’s not good, especially in Singapore, where you pretty much need to walk or take mass transit to get groceries and the necessities of life.  By me coming, I hope I can provide some relief and make life a little more manageable for all three until Taylor’s work settles down to a reasonable level.  Since I’m retired, that’s one of the benefits.  You can go at a moments notice.  Unfortunately my wife, Becki, hurt herself exercising and could not make the trip.  I know missing out on seeing her granddaughter is killing her.  At least we have Facetime.

Tell us about the name Kuku.

Both my wife and I lived in Hawaii for several years when we first got married.  Family is very important to the Hawaiians.  Grandmother in Hawaiian is Tutu; Grandpa is Kuku.  Growing up, Taylor and my other son, Ryan, knew my mother as “Tutu”.  I liked the tradition, so I decided I would like to be called “Kuku”.

Where are you traveling from?

I live in Lafayette, Indiana and flew from Indianapolis to Singapore.

How long are you staying in Singapore?  

I will be here almost a month until November 20th.

Are you doing any other traveling while visiting?

Yes!  I love to go exploring so I’ll be exploring parts of Singapore that I didn’t see when I was here last March.  I have a good friend that lives in Thailand too, so I will be visiting him and Bangkok over a long weekend in November.

How was your flight?

It could have been better, but the end result (my granddaughter) was worth it.  My United flight from Chicago was delayed 3 hours so I missed my connection in Tokyo.  But they put me on a Singapore Air flight from Tokyo that got me to Singapore two hours late.  Singapore Air and United are like night and day.  I felt like I was almost in first class on Singapore Air compared to United.  United is getting pretty bad.

What are you looking forward to while visiting?

I’m glad I can be of help to Taylor, Mary, and Addy.   Addy is my newest source of enjoyment and it’s exciting to think I have several weeks more to see her grow!  There’s a possibility my other son, Ryan, may come over to visit.  If so, it will be fun to take him out and show him some of the highlights of Singapore.

Kuku, Addy and Taylor



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