Newborn Pictures

This week I’d thought I’d share the newborn pictures I tried taking of Addy. Prior to her birth, I did a lot of planning, reading and even taking an online course for taking newborn photos. I quickly learned, things do not go as planned with a newborn! This was a multi day process that I could have used about 10 extra hands. The photos were taken during the mornings between feeding, napping, laundry, cooking, etc. Our living/dinning room looked like a disaster area with all the photography gear set up for a few days, I used only a quarter of it.  Addy helped me with the editing when she wanted to be up “partying” in the early morning hours. Yes, there were diaper accidents, spit up, and tears (by mother and daughter), but I did end up with some shots that I’m happy with and some pretty hilarious pictures that will show up on her graduation or wedding day in the future. Enjoy!

AddyNewborn-39 AddyNewborn-60 AddyNewborn-71 AddyNewborn-72AddyNewborn-98-2AddyNewborn-98AddyNewborn-100AddyNewborn-102AddyNewborn-106-2AddyNewborn-108AddyNewborn-110AddyNewborn-112AddyNewborn-114AddyNewborn-116AddyNewborn-120-2AddyNewborn-129-2Here’s a peak at Addy’s funny faces. Can you put a caption to what she was thinking?

Funny FacesFamily and friends, if you would like me to send you a digital file of any of these, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I will send you an email!

 Addy Update:

Addy Three Weeks

It is amazing that Addy has been part of our life for three weeks, time flies! This weekend we have a special guest arriving and we can’t wait to update you on this! I’m for sure excited for an extra set of hands around here and Addy can’t wait to meet him. Our life has been pretty hectic since our last guests left. The night/morning that my Mom and Jeanne Ann left Taylor also started his long hours for the project he is here working on.  He works a 13 hour night shift with only 1 day off every 13 days. Next week I’ll try and update you more on our daily life here in Singapore with a newborn and have plenty of pictures of Addy and her guest!

Likes: Napping in her swing, eating(can’t you tell by how much she has grown!), going for walks, currently sleeps in about 4 hours at a time a night, loves when Daddy gives her baths



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